Sad news - need CBFM advice urgently

I've lost my baby. I was six weeks pregnant and it just happened really suddenly yesterday. I am trying to stay positive and want to think about trying again once my body has recovered. I just wondered whether I should set my CBFM now as if this is 1st day of my AF or wait till a proper AF arrives? Does anyone have experience of this? I don't want my monitor to get confused as it worked on month 3 and I am pinning my hopes on it working again quickly. Thank you so much, Emma


  • Hi Emma - So sorry to hear your news, I'm sending you a big hug. I had a MMC in October and had medical management so can't give you advice regarding your CBFM, but I just wanted to say you've come to the right place for some support as everyone on here is so lovely.
    I was exactly the same as you when I found our I had miscarried, I just wanted to focus on trying again... My period came 6 weeks and 4 days after my MC, and me and my hubby are TTC again already.
    If it makes you feel any better apparently you are very fertile followign a MC.
    So sorry, take care, rest up and look after yourself.
    Lisa xx
  • hi emma , really sorry i had a misscarriage this week too, after having my 12wk scan 13/11/09 they couldnt find my babys heartbeat and had died at 8wks 4days . this was a silent misscarriage . had medical management treatment sat which worked within a few hours was very painfull and very upseting. the baby had been planed and we had been trying since this time last as you can imagion we was thrilled when we finally conceived. i do want to try again but i am also scared this will happen again... to make matters worse one of my good friends is pregnant too and is due 2wks before my baby would have been. hope your ok xxx

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  • So sorry to hear your news. Look after yourself.
    When I mc'd at 7+4 I decided to wait until had normal AF before I reset CBFM. It worked for me, I fell pg again that month.
    Best wishes xxx
  • Hi Emma,

    I'm so sorry to find you here. I had an ectopic in September. I also have a cbfm and to be honest I would wait until you have a proper period before setting it. It could take 6 weeks to get your period and I know cbfm doesn't go on that long.

    I know not what you want to hear as I wanted to re-set mine immediately. Big hugs x x
  • i did reset mine but as it took 8 weeks for AF i went through a LOT of sticks as i kept restting it and then had to reset it the month after because it was such a long cycle! xx
  • Thank you so much for all your advice and I am so sorry to hear all your sad stories too. I am going to wait till my next AF before re-setting. I just feel so impatient at the moment like I want to try again today! I don't know how I am going to wait until the new year before trying. I just want to wish time away. I will be on this forum alot I think!

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  • really sorry emma i know how hard it is xxx im really confused about that too?
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