Hi ladies hope everyone is well image
According to my P Tracker i was due to OV on thurs but had lots of EWCM on tues so im thinking i OV'd then. Been BD'ing as much as poss to get our much wanted BFP this month and i feel like time is going so slow.

Is anyone else around 5DPO?
Have started SS lol.
Has anyone had any symptoms?

Seems this month is a lucky month for BFP's so im hoping i have a bit of that luck too lol.
I ordered 20 of the ebay cheapies which arrived on fri so am hoping to be using them next weekend.

xx emma xx


  • I think i ov'd yesterday we bd'd Friday night and will again tonight.

    I'm going to get some Superdrug tests as a lot of people have said they're really sensitive.

    I hate the waiting game.

    Hope you get your bfp xx
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