Officially TTC and when to do PG test.

Hi all

We are officially TTC again after losing baby last December. We were going to wait until end of March but our son is 3 in March and I don't want much ore age gap between them, so I thought the sooner we start TTC the better really.

Anyway, I had first AF after ERPC on 1st Feb, which lasted approx 7 days (did think I was going to bleed to death, but I'm still here). I did a +OV test on 17th Feb and we had sex on 18th Feb, however, we had had it on 14th Feb as well, 4 days before I got +OV but I don't know if I was OV on 16th Feb too. How soon should I do a PG test? my next AF is due around 27th Feb, and I 'm a bit unsure whether to wait and see if she shows up or just to do a test anyway, but would it show up so soon?

Oh, I also had a slight bleed on 18th when we had sex, could that have been implant bleed from 14th Feb? or would it not implant that quickly?

I know I am being really eager and the chances of actually getting caught this soon are probably next to none, but I'm so desperate to be PG that I have even downloaded the Period Plus calender on my iPhone and that tells me my predicted next 3 most fertile times/OV dates and next 3 periods, and I am recording everything on it.

I didn't do any of this when we were trying for my son so it's all really new to me, any advice would be great.

Thank You.
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