When to start TTC again!

Hey girls...to introduce myself - I am Ali, I am 25 in 2 weeks time, and my husband is 35 on Monday. We have been together for 6 years and got married in Nov '09. We started TTC in Decd '09 and got a BFP on 14 Jan - fisrt time! We were absolutely over the moon however when I was 8 weeks I started to bleed and unfortunately miscarried naturally much to our thorough disappointment and upset. I stopped bleeding 3 days again - we have been talking a lot over the last 2 weeks about our feelings and sadness surrounding our miscarriage however are as philosophical as you can be and want to start TTC again as soon as we can. The only thing is, we are not sure how long to leave it - I feel fine now physically and the 2 scans that I have had show that everything is back to normal. We are off on our 2nd honeymoon to Madeira tomorrow andhave been advised to use protection however when you want a baby so much this seems madness - but we both appreciate that it may be best. I normally have a 28 days cycle. Any advice would be much appreciated. Look forward to getting to know you x


  • Hi Ali, didn't want to read & run.

    I'm in a similar situation to you, married August 09, ttc December with BFP on 29th, unfortunately I mc at my 2nd early scan following a bleed at 7 weeks and had ERPC a month ago tomorrow. It was our first pg as well.

    I'm so sorry for your loss and admire you and your hubbie for coping with it so well. Personally, I agree that using protection seems like madness - why have the Dr advised this? Just for dating purposes? If so,I don't think it would be a complete disaster if you did fall pg again whilst on your honeymoon. But I think to be safe check with doc that there is no other medical reason?

    Enjoy your honeymoon, I am very jealous!

    BS xx
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