Q on bleeding...

Hi ladies,

Apologies if this has already been asked.

As most of you know, I had my ERPC 10 days ago, there wasn't much bleeeing to start with, but severe cramping, so had antibiotics in case of infection, then I passed some clots, and the cramping eased somewhat.

I finished my antibiotics yesterday, and the bleeding, which had been pretty light in the last 3 days, is now heavy(ish) again and I have a few more cramps. Is this normal?

Do you mind me asking how long any of you bled for after an op like this? I really throught I was getting back to normal and now I'm a little worrried about us going away on Monday in case it gets worse....:cry:

I still have the strong painkillers which we got from the hospital also, but am reluctant to start taking them again as they make me drowsy!! Help

I'm not feeling so positive now.... :cry:



  • Hi ZLS23,

    I havent been on this site for ages, well since i had my erpc. I think i was on 'due in oct' with you. Sorry to hear that you've had an erpc. I had mine on 10th March so a couple of weeks ago now. I had bleeding to begin with for about 7 days and then it eased off and went completely.
    Iv'e had a few cramping pains at the start but nothing since.

    I think that after an op like this the bleeding is going to be irregular and can be all over the place so i wouldnt worry. But if it is worrying you or causing any pain then i would go back to the docs to get it sorted out so you feel better about it.
    Maybe they could also give you some different painkillers so you didnt get drowsy, i took ibuprofen with paracetamol which helped me and there was no drowsiness.
    Sorry i cant be more help.
    Hope it all goes well.

    Kate x

  • Hi Leanne - thanks for reply, just replied to your other thread too. Have caved in and taken 2 of my strong painkillers, pain is easing a little now. I'm feeling so fed up though, the last few days I really thought I was getting somewhere, feeling stronger etc and more like my old self, now I'm really scared about going away on holiday on monday in case anything happens! :cry: Zxx
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