FAO Shelley5185

Hi Shelley,

Just wanted to reply to your post and not take over Babylove's thread!

I'm so sorry to read about your MC. I went through a similar experience to you and you're right, it is a living nightmare!

I'd had my 12 wk scan and we saw the heartbeat and legs kicking and everything was perfect and wonderful so off we went and told the word about our baby, started buying things, planned the nursery, then 3 weeks later I had bpotting to went to EPU and no heartbeat, the baby had died the same size as it was at our scan so it died that day or thereabouts. I had to wait 6 days for an ERPC which was just awful, I bled for a week and now 4 weeks on I have my first period and will start trying again this month.

It's hard to know when to try again, that was my first question when I joined here about a month ago. A consultant told me wait for 1 period but a leaflet I was given says wait for 2-3. I've done a lot of net research on it and many websites say just wait for 1 and thats what a lot of girls have done on here, it so that they can date you if you fall preganat again. If you look back a few pages there are a few threads on this subject. I've chosen to just wait for one then try, as need to feel I'm doing something to help myself and I can't wait to be pg again!! Some ladies don't wait for period and fall pregnant straight after MC and have perfectly healthy babies. 6 months seems a long time, did you have any other health issues or complications why he might have suggested that? I know if it's ectopic or molar you have to wait a long time.

I think you just have to do what feels right for your body and for you both as a couple, when it feels right.

This is all very new to you, so I hope you're ok, try to just take one day at a time and slowly it will start to a tiny bit get easier. Hope your OH is looking after you!

This forum is wonderful and has really helped me in the last month, everyone is so lovely and friendly. We're always here when you need us so feel free to talk and ask questions.

Big hugs xxx
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