Im so confused HELP

:\?My body is confusing me so much......... i had a mc in dec, after my mc i was bleeding for two weeks and then its stopped........ about a week and an half later i started bleeding for six days.... then i stopped bleeding for a day and now im bleeding again.................

can anyone tell me what is going on, is it a period, is it me healing from miscarrage or what....



  • I had funny bleeding too, I bled for a week then a week off then a week again then I waited 6 weeks for af. I can;t really tell you what is going on but if it is worrying you then speak to your GP or early pregnancy unit as they may be able to ease your worry, it can't hurt xx sorry to hear about your mc xx
  • i agree with socks hun, our bodies do very random things after a mc unfortunately. ur GP should be able to help! x
  • Oooooh so maybe what I thought was a very bizarre AF may have been more mc? It came at right time so assumed AF but it was very very dark - almost black and had small clumps...
    Oh blimey I'm confused too now!!!
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