My First Rant

Hi Ladies, sort of a rant coming on!!

Had a really bad nite with painful cramps and backache, started around 3am, was literally doubled over, took painkillers, ibuprofen/paracetamol, then eventually got about an hours sleep. Woke up, and although not as painful, was still crampy.

Phoned Docs, he rang back about 30 mins later and was really off on the phone, said the ERPC was a normal straightforward procedure and I should be back to work the next day! WTF! I tried to explain what I was feeling and how bad the pain was and he sort of talked straight over me and basically said I shouldn't have any pain and I had better go down and see him, which we did.

I was all het up, ready to have a go if he was off again with me, hubby came too, so think he thought better of it!! Anyway, he prodded around on my tum, and it was quite painful, so he phoned hospital and said it would be advisable to go and have another scan to check all been removed ok!! We had an appt at 1.30.

So came home, slept for a bit, managed a shower, then back down the blasted hospital, thought we had seen the last of that place for a while! After about 30 mins of waiting, the nurse came and said the doctor had been called to theatre and we would have to wait approx 30 mins, which we did, then an hour passed and finally she came over and said they were ready to see me.

The doctor, initially I thought, was quite kind, talked to him and he prodded around, and said the fact that I wasn't bleeding heavily (in fact I haven't had much at all since op on wed!) was good, but I might have an infection, so prescribed two lots of antibiotics and some strong pain killers, also had to have another blood test, luckily there was no waiting around for that!!

Then the nurse started to fill out the forms and he was in the middle of talking to us when his bleeper went off, but instead of saying excuse me to us, he made a call there and then and was chatting away, even tho he was in mid conversation to us!!! The nurse sort of said to him, are you finished, he didn't even answer her, so she kinda raised her eyebrows at us and said sorry for the wait and we were ushered out!! How rude was he, he didn't even look up when we left!! I was fuming!!

We then had to go the the pharmacy and spent ??21 on the prescriptions and finally came home!!

Pain has eased a little, will take my strong painkillers if I need them later.

I'm just soooo tired, fed up, feel fat and ugly!! :cry: I just want to feel well and back to my normal self.

Sorry for long post. Zoe xx


  • What a nightmare for you, that is the last thing you need at the moment. I hope your pains pass quickly and your body starts getting back to normal. As for going back to work, I would take your time (if you can) until you are both physically and mentally ready for it.

    Dont apologise for ranting that is what we are here for, i cant believe how rude the doctor was. Sometimes they seem to forget what we have just had to go through!!!!

    Take care of yourself

  • I had some cramping afterwards for a few days. I was told it was just my uterus contracting and going back to its normal shape and position. I know how you feel about having to go back to hospital - I hope I never have to see that clinic ever again! Take the next few days easy and forget what your first doctor said - your body needs time to heal and give it some time. Try and relax over the weekend and get your OH to spoil you! xx
  • Hi Ladies - thanks for replies. I'm off to bed with my faithful hot water bottle.... Hope things seem better in the morning. Zxx
  • Aww sweetie, what a crap day - and a VERY rude doctor :evil:

    Hope you're begining to feel better and you and Mr Z are looking after one another :\)

    As for the feeling fat and ugly, I'm sure you are absolutley gorgeous image image

    Finally, don't ever think you have to apologise to us for anything you ever say on here, that's what we're all here for :\)

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