Still no AF.....! UPDATE

Hey guys,
as most of you know i had a mc in dec and since then have had 1 AF on 6th Feb...i have always had regular 28 day cycles and was due on 6th March but still have no signs of AF! i did a neg preg test last week, so i just wish i would get BFP or AF!!
Just wanted your advice, after mc have any ones cycles been abit different and took a while to get back to normal? Im now on cycle day 34 and this has never happened before!
Thanks and hope everyone is doin ok!

Heya, Just thought i would update you all to say finally AF showed this morning!
Although it means i'm not preg im also kind of releaved it finally came! A whoping cycle of 41 days! Quite long to say i'm normally a 28 dayer!

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  • heres too n AF and a BFP!! my cycle has been 31cd's sence our mc up untill last month then it was 33cd's, she fooled me i thought it could be it but then she showed up on day 33image. hoping for a BFP this cycle test on the 18th. getting anixious! good luck sian (BE ate my last reply)
  • thanks gussie,
    maybe my cycle will just be longer now i have had a mc....
    hope u get bfp this month good luck!!
    i have no preg symptoms (last time had them as soon as my period was late) so not sure if it is worth doing another preg test just to check...?
    what do u think?
  • Hi there sian, I'm hoping its a BFP for you! My cycles were all over the place the first 5 months ranging from 27-32 days each month. Before mmc I was regular 28 days like clockwork. Fingers crossed x
  • Hello sweetie

    I hope it's a BFP hun, cycles can do weird things after a mc so fingers crossed it's a little bean getting snug in there & you ov a little later xxx
  • hey, maybe i will do another preg test tomorrow then just to be sure!
    but im very much doubtful, i think its just my cycle going all over the place! i'll update tomorrow image xx
  • Hi sian490, this is my first mc so havnt experienced this yet. Im waiting for AF as we speak.

    It would be great if it was because you are about to get your BFP. Good luck

  • Heya, well i did a preg test today n got BFN so i guess my body is just being stupid! i am now 8 days late so getting abit impatient!
  • im sorry the witch is screwing with you hun! i know how that feels! arghh! maybe it will be a shy bean!
  • lol i dont think so, surely i would have at least a feint line if that was the case!
    i guess i'll just have to wait! xx
  • Anything yet????? xx
  • Hi Sian,

    Sorry she got you, but at least like you say your not in limbo anymore. Hope the cycles sort thereselves out now thay can be a little out just after.

    Good luck for nxt cycle sweetie xxx
  • good for you! i know you wouldve rather had a bfp but now you know your dates! image
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