FAO Rocky

HI, just checking in to see how you are getting on after the tablets? Not sure if I told you already but I finished mine and was bleeding (not heavy) for about 8 days..... just as we took off on holiday I stopped bleeding, I had nothing all through the holiday, which was great and we were able to start BD'ing again.

I took my CBD OV test away with me, I got 2 x smiley face which was great, but they were on CD10 and CD11, really early, I carried on testing and on CD12 no smiley face, so it seems everything was working, but just really early.

Anyway, further to that I had a tiny little bleed, well spotting on CD12, only for abaout 15 minutes and then nothing else at all. Then I had the same again on CD19, one off and nothing else again. I had the same again yesterday, one off little bleed and nothing else, I am CD24 today.

Was getting my hopes up that maybe they were an OV bleed and a impltation bleed but after yesterday just think it is my body playing tricks.

No idea when Af is due but I am two weeks after OV (if I did) tomorrow should should be any time now really. Don't think we have done it this month with it being an artificial cycle, so just waiting for AF to show, just relly hope she does and I know I am back to a cycle......

How have you been? Are things any better? Hope they have worked for you.
I suppose I am just glad that I am back TTC and not bleeding anymore........ Let me know how you are getting:\)
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