same old confused me

ok thought my af was finally on her way but didnt even have enough to stain a pants.(soor tmi)
however ive had af symptoms ,sore boobs headache .havnt tested again cos some of the ladies got positives a few weeks after mmc. has anyone put up with symtoms for a while.i just hope its not going to be like this for another week.after my first mmc ,my af was nice and heavy (for me) also i stopped bleeding within a couple of days after this loss.
this may be a bit graphic but sorry in advance.when my oh and i bd afterwards when i go to loo theres like a bit of bloody mucous ,tiny stringy like (hope no one is having breakfast right now lol)
but at anyother time nothing at all.i have never been so unsure about my body and whats its up to since i was a young 37 and couldnt tell you whats going on!!!!anyway hope you ladies have a good day with good news soon xxxxxxx


  • hi roisine
    you seam to be in the waiting limbo like me. its 31 days since the mc and i stopped bleeding 2 days after so we started ttc straight away. i had spotting in mucus on monday and tuesday but nothing since. i have sore boobs, peeing all the time, headaches and back ache but a bfn on a test. i have decided to test again on friday. i think its best to wait a while as you dont want a false negitive. hang in there.
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