quietly says..I think i have my BFP

Hi girls, im not going to get too excited, but I bought a superdrug early test and got a positive. two pink lines the test window was a pale pink after about 3-4 mins and the control window a slightly darker pink.

its so early so feel worried that It can still go so wrong. Im praying this is our sticky bean and not a mistake.

im about 10DPO and the SD test reads 10Mlu of HCG..

do you think thats right for me to have positive and would my doctor confirm with a blood test?

sneaks out quietly trying to not feel too excited yet.



  • Yeah!!!!! Sounds good news to me!! Well done you!
  • Sounds positive - whispering congratulations to you!

    Any tips for me for this month? lol
  • Woohoo Congratulations!!!!! I got a good enough line at 9DPO so I would say yes you get a line at 10DPO. I dont know if the doctor will confirm it as they normaly say HPT are as sensitive as theirs but as you have suffered mc before he/she may.

    Have a H&H 9 months xxx
  • thanks girls.. im really hoping this is the one.
    how far on are you now babylove?
    emmalec; all I did was chart my cervical mucus by checking it and we bd a lot LOL.. we have either had sex every second day or every day for like a period of 3 days,

    Im still so uncertain that this is real and wont belieive it until im further on as im scared my AF might arrive and steal this baby. image

    trying to remain positive.

  • I got that BFP with the baby I lost so back trying.

    I know its going to be hard but try and relax. Millions of women have gone on to have healthy pregnancies after a loss xxx
  • Congratulations!!! I knew it would be good news for you. You and me both, I'm pregnant too! How exciting is this. I hope and pray we both have good healthy babies this time xx
  • oh baby love.. im so sorry image I feel rotten now.

    Kwn I pray for us both that we have great sticky beans growing. I have been trying to remain calm today, my job is reallty stressful, had a man swearing and screaming at me so I hung up on him. LOL.. he had pre warning.
  • Congratulations...... did you do another test or is this the one from this morning. Sending you the most sticky baby dust. I am still holding out, only 7 DPO yet....... really hope your luck rubs off on me!!!!!

    Ps did you have any symptoms?
  • 3054 I did a superdrug test when I got to work and its definitley positive.. the result took about 3 mins but its there.. two lines. I am 10DPO now.
    I only took the test as I woke up early this am feeling sick and was retching in the bathroom. I also been feeling dizzy, tired, sore back, and twinging in my uterus.

    im still so scared though, trying to remain very calm as I was so stressed last pregnany with wedding and job and baby.

    baby dust and sticky sauce

  • Congratulations sweeties. Zxx
  • Sound good to me - See you in DIM image xxx


  • congrats to u am sooooo happy for u.

  • Congratulations! Were you in DIJ before too? Super quick if you're the same person im thinking of!
    Good luck honey, we've all got fingers crossed!
  • Hi Mrsallen08. no I was due my baby in late nov early december. lost the baby on 30th may, so its been very quick.

    good news. I took another test today on a SD like yesterday and the line in pinker and clearer.
    they have an offer on at minute buy 2 for ??6 or 4 for ??8. LOL..
    i tried taking a pic of my test but my phone camera is pants..

    but im just so happy and today I got my branch move confirmed saving me almost ??90 a month on travel and 40 minutes per day commute, yay..

    feels like my life has turned a corner.

  • Congratulations hun!!
  • Congratulations...hope my BFP is that quick but i'm determined not to test until my Af is at least a week late....although I think I might need a ton of will power not too!
  • Hiya
    Sorry must be confused with someone else.
    Im really so happy for you! Congratulations on the job change too! Wonder what the 3rd piece of good luck will be? They say it comes in 3s!
  • Congratulations!! Thats super quick - you lucky girl!!

    And congrats for your news job, thats fab news! xx
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