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Is it a faint BFP or evaporation line?? UPDATED with a PIC

Hi I did it, I tested today. I was on nights last night and got up this afternoon, rushed down to Asda whilst plaiting my legs....rushed back home, POAS and negative.......I left the test in the bathroom and went to my bedroom.

I texted OH and told him it was negative and then went back to check and there was a faint faint I got all excited.....texted him back and told him I could be afterall.....then I came on the net and looked up faint positives and found information about evaporation lines!!!!

OMG, who makes this stuff up!!! I have never heard of this before either!! and now am gutted because I can't remember how long had gone from me doing the test to me finding the faint positive, HOK says to disregard results that show after 10 minutes o now I am racking my brain, working how long I was in the bedroom before going back to the test!!!

I am going to re test in 2 days time when I get up in the morning....I will have 1 eye stuck to that 2nd BLOODY window if it kills me.....

and Breathe.....................................................

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  • hope you get a lovely surprise please dont stop breathing till then haha!fingers crossed for you
  • Hi MrsTH

    Which brand of test did you use?

    I really hope this is a BFP and it shows really quickly and strongly in 2 days time. How many DPO are you?

    Love NN xxx

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  • Hi NN

    Just an Asda cheapie. I have used them before (twice !!) I have checked the concentration level and they detect at 25 mIU which is quite sensitive.

    I am not sure what DPO I am, my last af was 13th April which was 4 weeks and 2 days after my ERPC, so today is 4 weeks since my last af....

    I suppose I am going to have to wait another 2 days as I know the levels double in 2 days, so will have to continue playing the waiting game...(sigh)
  • Well, I did another about impatient!!!

    It took 8 minutes for the faint line to appear.....instructions say results can take 5 to 10 minutes??

    Would any of you ladies take this to be a BFP????? OMG!
  • sound promising !!! sending sticky dust if there was no detectable hcg you wouldnt even get a faint line.methinks you have a little bun in there missus. just mind yourself and do another test if you can tomorrow early.let us knowxxxxx
  • Ohhhh exciting!! If it says up to 10 mins and it appeared at 8 mins then it sounds like a BFP!

    As roisine says do another test with FMU.

    I really hope this is it for you and that you'll be joining us in January forum! :\)

    Love NN xxx

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  • Yes, I will have to, it was quite faint but it was defo there at 8 minutes, I timed it!!!!

    I hope it is a BFP!!! and a sticky one at that!!

    How are things with you NN??
  • Things are better thank you - no stained discharge today at all and deff still have all my symptoms! Had my first HCG blood test today and go back on Wednesday and then Friday for more. The nurse today said it's really common to have this when your period would have been due and she doesn't think it's anything to worry about - I hope she's right! And CBD went up to 3+ on Saturday when I was only 4+2 so hoping that's a good sign too!

    Just trying to stay relaxed and calm for baby's sake :\)

    Love NN xxx

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  • Well like the others say it sounds good but I would leave it a couple of days and test with fmu. Hope it is good news for you xxx
  • I had faint +ves before my bfp. Last time I got clear +ves onebay cheapies before anything else. This time they came up with evap looking lines, but the Boots test was +ve.

    If it has no colour it's an evap line. But like mine, might read as +ve on another test.

    Hope it's your bfp, let us know! xx

  • Oh MrsTh how exciting i can't wait for you to test now - go POAS now now now ! Ok maybe the others are right wait a few more days but i am blowing a huge ball of baby dust your way!

    Good luck love Rena x x
  • Thanks for all your PMA!!! I am not getting my hopes up yet, I have two HPT's with definite faint pink lines on them. I went to the loo earlier though and have had pink coloured discharge (sorry TMI) so I am fully expecting AF to rear her ugly head in the next few days.

    But then, even though I think this, I find myself thinking it could be implantation stuff. At what I counted at 10DPO, I had the same...very light pink coloured CM...... My....don't we torture ourselves ladies!!!...... Hubby is going to pop to Tesco's for me and get me a Tesco's cheapie and a clearblue one, I will test in the morning first thing......and pray I am not going to be disappointed!!!!
  • Good luck Mrs TH!
  • Hi Ladies....well it isn't good news

    One Tesco cheapie and a Clearblue later, both negative. Don't know hat to think really, the Asda cheapie's have very definite pink lines. I took a picture of them and will post it all later to show you all when I get time to put it on.

    I am not surprised really because I just didn't feel pregnant, I have no physical symptoms whatsoever, no sore boobs, nothing and I am sure AF is on her way as I got my first spot this morning.

    I was sure that because my AF came 4 weeks after my ERPC that my cycles were back on pre depo track!!!! but it would seem they are not and I am back to guessing each month.

    Thanks Ladies for your PMA...I guess this month is just not my turn image
  • Hi MrsTH,

    Sorry it might not be your month but its very strange that the asda ones got a line?? Maybe the others arent that sensitive??
    Wait & see if it really is af then if not do another in a cpl of days.
    Fingers crossed for you
    Annette xx
  • Hi. sorry to hear the news.

    I have done a CB 4d early one today and its a BFN too, so know how u feel. Keep watching yr cycles, i use CB ov kit and it seems to help but used nothing to fall first time. It has to be our time soon, i keep hoping it will happen and all will be fine but we can only take one cycle at a time.

    Kerp promising myself not to buy the early tests and never needed them before but thats harder said than done

    thinking of u
  • keep your chin up.i know how you feel just got chem preg but i hold onto fact that i can get pregnant ,next step to keep it that way!!!!sending loads of hugs and pma.we will get there i hope before i get my zimmer frame thoughlol keep happyxxxx
  • Hi again, I have posted the link to the 2 photos I took of the tests. The 2 that are the same are the ones from Asda. The test that is different on the photo with 3 on, is the HPT I did with my last pg in February this year.

    Can you see the pink lines??

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  • the first two pics are not evap lines as they are most def pink.the one you did in feb is a lot weaker.the only thing is if a preg test shows positive it should keep going and id rather be truthful than say a pack of lies cause we all want that second line so bad.but i think you should test again in a couple days and see if anything has changed including how youre feeling in yourself (boobs ,head etc) heres hoping you have the best news yet but remember either way you are obviously able to get preg.lots of love and pmaxxxx
  • AF found me today so don't know what to think, I wonder if it was a chemical pregnancy? I haven't got cramps though and I do tend to get period pains on the first day.... what is going on? why can't things be straight forward!!!!! Grrrrrr
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