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Sorry Ladies,

I have tried to reply to many threads all week, including my own without any luck??

It's driving me mad!

Moonand stars I am soooooo happy for you hon! It's mega news!!

I just wanted to give you all an update (hope it works?)

After I wrote two emails to the hospital chief executive complaining over the weekend, I suddenly had the attention of the head consultant, her registrar, the senior sister and the hospital complaints executive. I was suddenly treated like a V.I.P at the hospital on Monday.

They repeated the scan and could still see more tissue left in the womb so they finally decided to take me in for the ERPC operation Tuesday to evacuate the remaining tissue, especially as it was necrotic and causing infection.

Following the scan, my DH and I were taken to a room where we sat and they (all four of them, including someone taking minutes) tried to answer my questions. As I suspected a lot of it came down to budget, cuts and the hospital undergoing building work bla, bla, bla.
The health professionals (the head consultant, her registrar and the senior sister) were in complete agreement about the location of EPU. They said it used to be located with gynea ward but they had to move it because of space shortages. When the new ante-natal clinic location was suggested they'd already highlighted it as a potential problem at the time and said it was inappropriate etc. but the -powers that be' made the decision. I said that I hoped that my complaint would make the -powers that be' aware that it is indeed inappropriate and causing additional undue stress and pain to grieving couples. I also mentioned that even that morning as I went to the loo to empty my bladder before the scan, I found myself sat on the loo (and was still miscarrying at the time) in a cubicle listening to two ladies chatting at the sinks about baby names and it's just plain cruel. This was all wrote down.

I said that ultimately I felt that women should be better prepared and forewarned about what to expect from a miscarriage and to please stop telling women it is just a heavy period with clots because for most it certainly is not. I said that women should also be warned about passing the sac. They said this isn't done because it's rare. I said it doesn't matter, I'd rather be told it was a possibility and it not happen than not be told and be traumatised and in shock. I said that I understood that m/c happens and don't blame anyone for that, however the hospital has the potential to care for and comfort couples experiencing a m/c but in my case I felt they exacerbated the pain and felt unduly tortured and made to suffer by the episode being dragged out longer than necessary.

I could have demanded answers to all the questions and got on my high horse, made legal threats etc. but I hate and didn't want confrontation. I just wanted the correct treatment!

All in all, I finally felt listened to which was very therapeutic and I hope my complaint has made a difference for women in the future, and it's amazing how a theatre slot became available immediately for me fthe following morning! Anyway the antibiotics have kicked in and I am relieved to be finally getting some closure so we can move forward!

The ERPC went perfectly. I was 'upgraded' to the Private patients bit of the hospital with my own en suite room. I think they were worried I was going to sue? Anyway when I was coming around in 'post op' room. I heard the nurses handing over and the conversation went...

'Who've we got here'
'This is Michelle, she's just coming round from an ERPC'
'Michelle, Michelle'

:lol: It made me laugh, like everyone knew I'd complained! :lol:

Anyway, I was home by 2.30pm and slept most of the day. Yesterday I felt soooo amazing and had energy! image I know it sounds daft but I feel clean! The baby passed two weeks ago, so what I had left inside was just rotting and toxic which made me feel so ill and now I feel almost human! I just can't wait to get back to normal! DH and I are away for the weekend to have quality time together and I can not wait!

I haven't had any bleeding now for a day and a half, which is amazing after three weeks of bleeding and I'm really excited to not be wearing my 'granny period knickers' image Wooo! bring on the frills!

Anyway, as always, thanks for all your comments and support xxx


  • Weird! I can start new threads but can't reply to old ones?
  • Im so pleased that you managed to get there attention well done hun.

    I dont think passing of the sac is that uncommon, with our 1st mc I passed the pg sac & the placenta whole, the agony I was in & the amount of blood I lost was a joke & I didnt have a clue what to expect as after scan I had just been sent on my way told that it was likely I would mc but to go back in a wk for another scan!!! (sorry if thats tmi).

    Anyway im glad that you have been cared for now the way you shouldve been & hopefully ou can have some time to greive & try to come to terms with what has happened.

    Sending you lots of hugs xxx
  • I have had same thing, tried to post on M&S thread 4 times and won't post!

    FT i'm glad you have got the answers and treatment you had in the first place and can now start coming to terms with what has happened. Good for you for finding the strength to let them know exactly what you thought x x
  • First I think it is just that thread!! It has been showing as 0 replies for days for me yet there are replies and some are on several times LOL

    I don't know what happened with you fairythalia... about the sac tho... I mc at 11 weeks and it was like vomiting from my bits! I was too scared to look for fear of seeing the baby but when I did there was so much blood I couldn't see anyway! I got a scan the next day (only because it was Xmas eve and she was obviously meant to be finishing early but agreed to see me - I was written on the end of her printed list bless her) At the scan she sounded like I couldn't have been preg and said she would expect to see the sac so I think it maybe isn't that usual to pass it. When I told her how violently it had flown out of me she agreed it was a mc (tell you what if it hadn't been wtf was it???!!!)

    It's a horrible scary time and I was lucky that the GP I managed to see was sympathetic (but didn't know what to do!) and both the radiographers (is that what they're called?) were lovely too and I felt they had been informative and helpful. I got given a number to ring after first scan in case I was worried and after second scan to check it was all gone she said 'we're always here if you decide to try again and are ever worried just call straight to us' I thought I couldn't have asked for more and it makes me really sad that not everybody has decent care image
  • Really glad you are feeling better! I keep trying to read your update on your thread but BE won't show it to me, so I was going to FAO you!! Thanks for the lovely mention on your post! BE has been odd for a while now.

    It sucks though that you have to kick up an almighty stink to get the care that is rightfully yours. But that's the NHS for you!

    So glad you have more energy - you sound so positive! - enjoy your weekend.

  • fairy, way to go hun! i am so proud of you to stick to your guns and tell them exactly how you feel! there are not that many women that wouldve went infront of the "big wigs" and told them what you did. im sure you just did what hundreds of women going to the same hospital that feel the same way but are not brave enuf to speak up! huge hugs coming your way!
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