Holy Cow BFP!!!!!

OMG I cant believe it. You may have seen that I had completely ruled out getting BFP as when only bd'd up to when I thought I would ov but think I ov'd later as my cycles are all messed up after D&C in May. Have been testing over the last week and nothing. I am on cd36 and thought I would use my last HPT and I got a line.
I cant believe it and im shaking xxx


  • Wow!!!! Congratulations sweetie!! Zxx
  • Wahooo! So happy for you! Its my first cycle since mc too! Another graduate for DIM!!!
  • Babylove that's FANTASTIC news......

    Dont forget us on this forum, big hug to you

  • I will never forget you all and I will make a point of checking posts to see if I can give anyone advice/help as the help I got was fantastic. Im getting all emotional thinking about the support we all give each other (((group hug))))
  • That is the best news hun, I am so pleased for you!
    YAY!! image
    See you in pregnancy flower xxx
  • Thats fantastic news....CONGRATULATIONS XXXX
    Yay Yay Yay!!
    I am so pleased for you Babylove.....your support has been invaluable......it gives me so much hope that I'll be getting my BFP next month! image
    Woooowwww so please hun xx
    Sue xx

    Will have to find another cycle buddy however now as both you and AmberL got their BFP's! But I don't mind....as you both give me lots of hope image
  • wohooo congratulations babylove image
    really pleased. thats another BFP from the group.
    hopefully there are more.
    H+H 9 months.

  • Yay!! Congratualtions!! Thats fantastic news!! And how cool that you're so surprised by it!! Hope it's all sunk in now and you're already enjoying your pregnancy!!

    You've been a fab friend on here, always responding to my silly posts so I want to say a huge thank you and wish you loads of luck for the future!! Am so happy for you!!

  • Fantastic hun! so happy for you, h&h 9 months to you!xx
  • Congratulations honey! I am absoutely over the moon for you.

    Sending lots of super sticky baby dust your way!

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