feeling awful

Am 12DPO today and feeling like crap.
Had a few drinks last night at a party and got sick, im never sick when i drink!!
Ended up having to go to bed.
Woke this morning thinking i was going to be sick, have been heaving most of the morning over the toilet and am really dizzy.
Testing again in the morning, really hoping it BFP.


  • hey hun, hope ur feeling better this morning! have u tetsed? x
  • I did indeed and another BFN!!
    Will be 14DPO tomoro and due AF on weds.
    Have been having spotting since thurs but not accompanied by any period pains, its the tiniest amount of spotting, brown in colour but enough that i can see it.
    Really not sure what to think, thought BFP would have shown by now!?!
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