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Hi all, not really TTC...please read on....

Not sure where to begin. I decided to book an early scan, which we had this morning, it wasn't local, being just over an hour away. According to our dates, I should have been 9 weeks, 2 days.

She started off doing the ultrasound, but said my bladder was a bit too full and the gestational sac was getting squashed. I was advised to use the loo, then she set about doing an internal scan.

The yolk sac was seen, but there was no foetal pole!!! ie no baby and obvioulsy no heartbeat!! She dated me at about 6 weeks - which CANNOT be right!! My LMP was definitely 25th Dec!! Her report also stated I have a corpus luteal cyst, although she didn't really explain what this is?

Hubby and I are absolutely gutted!! We had planned a lovely day out after, but came home in floods of tears - we can't believe this is happening!

Decided then to ring NHS direct, hubby spoke to some chap, who basically said it sounded like a missed abortion, and would probably need to have a D&C. We then phoned my nearest hospital, as we have been unable to reach our midwife, and she said to go back to see the doc Monday and that they would probably want to do another scan in a week.

We really don't know what to think or do. Have been on some sites saying that people have been misdiagnosed etc. Has anyone had experience of this? Please help. I will just add, I have had no pain or bleeding, have 7 positive tests, with the CB digis rising from 1-2, 2-3 and 3+. Zxx

My hcg levsls havce dropped from Mon to today, which I know is not a good sign, I have twinges and some backache, have scan Fri morning. Am petrified. If there is still nothing showing - what will happen? Will I be left to miscarry naturally or have an operation? I'm so scared. Zxx

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  • hi hon - i did a quick reply in DIO but again I'm sorry that you're in this horrible situation.

    I'm not sure I can answer you're question as I only got to 6 weeks before I m/c in january and I miscarried naturally, but there are lots of very lovely, knowledgeable and supportive women in this forum you will be able to help you, if it comes to that.

    even with your lmp being in dec, is there any chance that you ov'd late? its good that you have no pain or bleeding. When you see you're doctor I would push for a scan as soon as possible.

    thinking of you lots xx
  • Hi
    This sounds very confusing and distressing. I had a mmc so not experienced what you are at the moment. If I was you I would be on the phone first thing monday morning to your GP and see if they can arrange another scan asap. Thinking of you!
  • Oh Z I'm really sorry to read this.

    I'm sorry I can't offer any advice as I had a natural mc and I have no experience of this, but as the other ladies said the lasies in the forum are lovely and very knowledgable so I would think that someone will be able to help you.

    Thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs

  • It all sounds very confusing and must be distressing for you caught in limbo like this. Like the other ladies said, book an appointment with your gp, or if you know your community mw contact her 1st thing Monday and she could arrange an early scan for you at the EPU.

    Fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi Z,

    sorry to hear your news. I do know exactly how you're feeling right now. The same thing happened to me 14th December. I thought that I was around eleven weeks, but the scan sadly showed no heartbeat and a fetal pole measuring seven weeks. Like you I had no pain or bleeding, so was totally shocked and confused. My l/o had died and I had a D&C eight days later. They did explain that a natural m/c may start during that eight day wait (possibly the worst eight days of our lives). It didn't start naturally. When I returned for the second scan the sonographer was VERY thorough and the staff made it clear that if I was in any doubt about the scan, then I could wait to see what happened naturally. I do want to emphasise that not all of these situations turn out like mine did. In fact when I was waiting for my procedure, I was in a waiting room with other women, there for the same reason (this was my choice, they wanted to put me in a room alone) Whilst there, lots of women came out in floods of tears, clutching photo's of their little babies that were fine. I got lots of advice and support from: They may be able to explain what a corpus luteal cyst is.

    Waiting a week for another scan is a long time, for you and your o/h. It's also a long time in fetal development. So be positive sweetheart, your l/o might just be a bit shy. X
  • Oh hun, the waiting is awful I hope it is as spikesma says that your l/o is hiding out. I would see if you can get another scan ASAP. I had a mmc in Jan and they did a internal u/s to check that there was no heartbeat, I should have been 11w and but my l/o had measured only 8w+5 with no heartbeat, I had seen the h/b loud and clear at 6w+3 and again at 8w and had no bleeding, spotting or any indication that anything was wrong. I was heartbroken when the doc told me. I had a D&C 3 days later, but I did start to bleed the day before my D&C, so I would have known I guess at that point had I not had the u/s a couple of days before. I too had a corpus luteal cyst on my right side, she found this in my earlier scan and said this was normal as it was simply the ovary that released the egg that my l/o was conceived from, so that should be there as far as I know and had nothing to do with my mmc as I think this can be seen in most pregnancies. Get another scan ASAP and let us know how things are going. I hope, hope, hope that you don't have to go through any of what I had to and that they find your l/o safe and sound and hiding away and that the technician was wrong - it has been known....
  • Just wanted to thank everyone for posting to me on here, it really means a lot.

    Well today we managed to speak to a midwife, not the one assigned to us who stil has her mobile switched off!! We read her the report over the phone and she said it is possible and sometimes common, to be 3w or so out of date on your dates and not to worry too much. She also said it was good there was the yolk sac and that the report says the scan is consistent with a earlier pregancy, so not to write it off at the moment. What we had was purely a dating scan, which put us at 6w, so may be too early to see anything.

    To go to the EPU, we need to be referred by my GP, so going to book and hopefully see him in the morning and get a referal straight away, then go down and have bloods, not sure if they were do another scan so soon, the midwife said they would prob do one at 10 weeks now!! Can't wait another 4 weeks, so am hoping we will have another one mebe at the end of the week.

    Please keep your fingers crossed for us and that there will be a little bean who is just very shy. Many thanks again. Zxx
  • Hey hun, just wondering how you got on today? Really hope you've had some good news.


  • ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) UPDATE (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


    Just thought I would update you. This morning we went to my docs, who wasn't exactly sympathetic, however, he did ring the EPU and got us an appt for a scan on Friday morning, however, he did say it wasn't looking that good, He also said it wasn't worth doing bloods, but we pushed for it and had to wait to see a nurse, who then spent 15 mins trying to get my blood, but failed. I have hade this before. She then said we could go to the hospital and try there.

    Whilst at the hospital, we gatecrashed the EPU, saw a midwife, who was surprised to see us, as she was expecting us Fri!! However, we said we wanted to talk and get more advice, She was nice, but also did't seem all that hopeful, but she said we can't write it off until the scan on Fri morning. We then asked about the bloods, again she said it wouldn't really help at the mo, but we pushed and had some taken - finally worked ok. We have just rung back now and have been told my HCG is 32,913!!!! This seems, from what we have read, pretty high. Am going back Wed morning to have same, and see what they are then.

    Does anyone know anything much on the levels??? We feel this may be a glimmer of hope, but with the majority of medics erring on the side of caution, we really don't know what to think.

    We have both been a bit of a mess this afternoon, hubby has been great and phoned my work, I won't be going in, until we see what happens Fri. I'm really scared.... Zxx

    Z's hubby here. I just wanted to say that we have been overwhelmed at the support we have had from you. It has meant a lot in this very difficult and traumatic time.... Mr Zxx
  • Hey Z,

    I've just look on this website that talks about the levels

    which looks like good news, but does also give very wide ranges of levels so can't be accurate. having said that, I'm really hoping that it's good news for you.

    Great idea to gatecrash EPU, although it's a shame they couldn't have been more help.

    I really wish I could give you a big hug and say that everything will be fine as I have some sort of crystal ball, but unfortuently I'm not that talented :d but I do have absolutley everything crossed for you and am hoping that everything turns out positivly for you both.

  • Hi zls23

    Sorry to hear what your going through, the wait is always the worst.

    Its very difficult to tell with just one blood test what your hcg levels indicate, thats why they have to do another one 2 days later.

    When i was having pains during pregnancy they were checking my bloods every 2 days because they are meant to double. As it was mine were going up but not doubling and i miscarried.

    From what i can gather an actual number doesn't really show anything they need to see if its going up or down. But your level is very high in comparison to mine, mine was about a few thousand.

    Sorry i can't give you anymore advice. I know exactly what the waiting is like. I had to go for a couple of scans and was told the same as you that we had to wait to see what happens.

    I know its not easy but try and stay busy, get some films and magazines to make the time go a bit quicker.
  • Thank you Rainbow and Mrs KD. Its horrible being stuck in limbo land, will keep you all posted. Zxx
  • Hi huni,

    I think we can all appreciate the limbo feeling, so many of us have been there sadly.

    Well done for pushing for bloods and visiting EPU, bloods sounds good as levels are certainly high, am saying my prayers for you sweets xxx
  • Thank you MrsH - will keep you all updated. Am trying to stay positive and talk to my tum. Zxx
  • Hi there.
    Don't want to depress you, but my HCG levels were 37000 at 7 weeks, after my baby had died at 6 weeks. We had a scan at 7+5, which showed a ?6 week pregnancy, and then another scan at 9 weeks, which showed the same. I had D&C for a mmc the day later. From what I can tell, the scans give you the definitive answer, as I think the early placenta can still continue to produce HCG.
    I hope things turn out ok for you though, good luck.
  • Hi ZLS23, dont really have any advice as my experience was different but I know how awful the wait must be for you, i will be thinking of you with my fingers crossed on Friday, really hope it all turns out ok for you

    Look after yourself

  • Sorry to hear that your levels have dropped. If there is no change at the scan they would probably count it as a missed miscarriage, and they usually give you the option of surgery or waiting to see if you miscarry naturally.
    As for how scared you're feeling, there's not much I can say, except I know how scary and horrible it is waiting. Talk to your husband loads about how you're feeling, it really does help. Look after yourself, and try and surround yourself with as much support as possible.
    Take care
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