need your help - did anyone go through anything similar?

basically, had a managed miscarriage at the hospital nearly 2 months ago. Everything was checked by the hospital so all ok.

Came on my first period a month ago, but i have not stopped bleeding. Been to the dr, and he gave me Tranxemic Acid. I am still bleeding a little so now he has given me hormone tablets. He has also booked me in for a scan.

Now, the real issue, is that I feel a bit nuts. I am not my usual self. I keep getting waves of panic, am exhausted, and feel hot ALL the time. Don't know what to do with myself.

Did anyone go through similar?


  • hey hun, this could well be anxiety related to the stress and emotion of it all! i suffer from anxiety and this is how i get most days! i'm sure everything will be fine xx
  • Do you?! It could be - things have been pretty tough. The non-stop bleeding doesnt help either. I just feel so weak. Also keep getting these horrible prodding feelings in my head, which then leads to me feeling all hot and sweaty.

    I guess I am scared about my upcoming scan. I dont want there to be anything wrong. I keep getting scared they are going to tell me that something is wrong and I cant have children.

    sorry... i just dont know what to do with myself.
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