I need some help??????????????????????

Just a quick history..... I fell PG in Decemner 2009 with our first baby. I suffered a MMC on the 2nd of Feb at 11 weeks. I had an awful recovery from my MC and have only just started looking anything like normal. I was prescribed a mini pill at the beginning of April which seemed to regulate my bleeding. I bled fro 8 days after coming of the tablets and then had no bleeding for 2 weeks.

I counted day one of my bleeding as CD and I got 2 smiley faces on CBD OV test on CD 10 and CD11 and got a negative on CD12 so all seemed to be going well. 14 days on from positive OV was last Thursday so I was expecting AF around then.

I have not had any real bleeding, I have had spotting on and off for twoo weeks, I had a slight red bleed on the day of OV which I thought may be OV bleed and then 9 days after OV, since then I have had very intermittent bleeding, no where near enough to wear anything, just tiny spots and a pink colour when I wipe, but not always.......

I just put this down to a very light AF as my body seems to be all over the place, I have not had more than a very light bleed since Thursday.

I did a test on Saturday morning which was a BFN so I just assumed that I was having a very very light AF.

I have just done a CBD OV test, dont know why, just did it and it came back with a smiley face, when I pulled the stick out it was a really dark line. This would mean I have had a positive OV test on CD7, which is really really early....... the line was way darker than the smiley faces I got last month.

What do you think this means, I have no other signs of OV, no CM, no nothing. On the other hand I dont really have any PG symptoms either.

I am tired, but I always am
My boobs may be a tiny bit bigger, but not soore
I am always hungry

What do you think I should do?????????????:\?


  • Oh goodness, I have no idea! The only thing I could suggest is do another preg test in a few days?
    But i think the 4th Feb (I seem to remember you had your D&C then also) was a bad day to have a D&C as i've been screwed up since mine too!
    Hope things improve for you hun xxx
  • I would do another preg test ASAP!!

    The hCG pregnancy hormone can turn ov tests positive! hCG is a the twin sister or LH,

    so, yes it could mean you are in your next cycle and OV'ing early or it could mean your preggers from the last cycle!!

    Keep us posted! xxxx
  • ooohhh what was the outcome hun? xx
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