FAO - Rocky

hi ya Rocky Kiz,

just saw on another thread that it was your birthday yesterday so just wanted to say a big..........


Hope you had a lovely day and you got spolit rotten, (sorry it's a bit late)

love pb

ps - it was my bday on wed so we're fellow taureans x


  • hey pb! Thanks sweetie thats lovely of you! image ooohhh and a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you! lol, i did have a nice afternoon - had to work the morning but even that was ok! been a bit brief on here this week, cus of my bday and being on those tablets i wanted to give myself a break but as soon as i start poas with my cbfm and i know i'm back to norm i'll be full flow on here again! xxxx
  • Happy Bday to All Of Yooo!! image x
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