No more bd'ing for me......

....untill september :cry:

My son is now off school for the summer hols and he doesnt go to bed till 10.30 in the summer. This means he doesnt be asleep till at least 11. With a 13 month old who doesnt sleep too well very little chance of me and OH still having enough energy to get up to anything by that time :\(

Please god let this be our month as I go off sex when preggers anyway :lol:

Just thought I would share with you ;\)

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  • hahaha!

    That must be the best form of contraception on the market!

    fingers crossed its your month honey!

    H x
  • I suppose it depends when I ov. If it is the weekend then maybe but no way during the week.

    As for getting him to bed early NO CHANCE! Even if I did suggest it he would faff about so long and still wouldnt be asleep till late. He is 10 so if he heard anything he would know what we were doing image
  • Can't you try to get your son to go to bed a bit earlier? Or are you parents or parents in law able to look after your children for a bit each month? (around ov time?)
  • What time are they up in the morning? Is there any time in the morning you are sure they are asleep?
  • No. Liam is up at 6am for work and at the weekend Olivia is up at 6am max anyway with Jamie not long behind her.

    DAMN having kids that dont sleep much :lol:

    We will sort something out ;\)

    Breighlin how you feeling?
  • Feeling fine, not really feeling pregnant, but I know I am. Still waiting impatiently till after 9 weeks to know this one will stick.

    We are quite lucky Michael sleeps from 7 till 7 most days and often longer, so we always have time to have some us time. Can't imagine having a child that sleeps from 10, does he normally does it with school as well? Thought children are in bed by 8 latest when they are that age. (Michaels cousin is and it is my only reference point for a 10 year old)
  • No its just in the summer. Jamie is in bed for about 9 during school time. If it was just Olivia it would be ok but he is in and out of our room all the time and his room is right next to ours.

    I pray that your 9 weeks goes quickly for you and all is well xxx
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