are my chances high???dreaded 2ww

Hi everyone,

its been 3 weeks and 2 days now image miss baby

I was wondering something.. I was ovulating wed, thur,fri and sat last week or at least I was fertile as I had stretchy and clear mucus. we made love on the sunday, tue, wed, fri and sunday.
are our chances of conception high?

Im driving myself potty as I cant test for another 2 weeks.. if we have been successful when is the earliest a BFP may show? I worked out from my dates that I should be due period around week beginning 5th July.

I would absolutely love to get a BFP rather than my first period arrive after MC. dreading how gutted I will feel if AF arrives.


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  • Sounds really good hun!! You bd'd plenty around ov so sounds like you've got a good shot!!

    Don't want to put a downer on it as sounds like you did ov but I have read that often people don't ov the month after mc, but there are plenty of bfps to show this isn't true also!

    I'm on my first 2ww too and it's going so slowly! I think you can test 6 days before your AF is due with a FR test, but obviously the later you leave it , the better line you'll get if +ive.

    Try not to feel too bad if Af arrives, just be glad you can see your body is recovering and getting back to normal.

    Loadsa luck - hope you get your BFP soon! xx

  • hi Amber,
    this 2 week wait is the worst.. I swear its like the longest weeks in history LOL.. I keep scoring the days of calendar, I originally found out I was pregnant on the 8th April so im going to test on 8th July. Also feel like fate is playing a hand as I have been wanting a branch move from work for ages and now it looks like it might happen as the girls job I want has come to work at my branch and would like a swap too. image im sure its fate. it would cut mu commute every day by 40 mins and save me a fortune. im sure its fate.

    Fingers crossed we both get our BFP's at beginning of July.. we can be baby buddies image

    loads of baby dust for you..

  • Hi hopingtotryagain,

    Your chances are as good as anyones, like Amber said you've bd'd plenty when it counted so you've done all you can. The wait is horrible, i'm on my 1st 2ww since losing my first baby and it's starting to take over all my thoughts. I work away from my husband so when i'm at work it's like torture as i don't have him around to take my mind off it.

    Good luck for you, remember you've done all you can and it WILL happen soon xx
  • Fingers crossed xx
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