hi ladies,

Me again :roll:
i'm on CD 12 on my 1st AF after MC and still haven't got my smiley face. i usually OV on day CD10!!! just wondering is this normal, is my body STILL messsed up?
i was so postive after i got my AF that at least we could try this month and it help destract me (if thats possiable) and give me something postive to focas on but now i feel like crap again and keep thinking that my stubid body couldn't even mind my baby and now its playing games :cry: :cry:

sorry this turned out to be a rant.
anyone any ideas?



  • hey, my first 3 cycles after my mc were a fair bit longer than normal, i'm usually about 35 days but one was about 50! try not to worry it will happen, the hormones mess everything up and our bodies take a while to settle down. xx
  • thanks for the reply, guess i just wantes it too badly.

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