I have a question.

Hi ladies, i had a complete mc that was confirmed on 7.7.10. I had bled for over 2 weeks but passed baby at 9 wks on 5.7.10. Bleeding stopped straight away. I have no idea what CD im on, but over the past 4 days my boobs have become really tender again, I had a crampy tummy last night, and this morning after BD with hubby I was bleeding a little, not major but red blood. I thnk its too early for AF, but have no idea about implantation etc. We would love to be pg again, but are not using any ovulation tests etc. I know you ladies have all been through the heartbreak of MC so I very much value all your opinions. Thanks, Tracy xx


  • Hi Tracy, I'm sorry for your loss. With regards to the bleeding and stomach cramps I had this with my first pregnancy. Had bleeding after BDing, red and fresh. I also had a crampy stomach, so much so I went to the doctor as we were due to fly to Germany and I was worried there was something wrong. I really hope it's good news for you. I'm in my first 2ww since my early miscarriage in early July, 14 days have never felt so long!

    Take care, Sioned
  • Oh I have my fingers crossed it is implantation. I have never had it but the crampy tummy rings a bell. I got my BFP on Sunday morning after lots of BFNs. I was convinced af was coming as had such bad cramps I nearly cancelled going to my friends birthday. That and the stabbing pains in my womb were the only things that made me test again.

    Now looking back I say I was cramping from only a couple of DPO.

    Lots of luck and hope to see your BFP announcment soon xxx
  • Thanx for your comments, its so hard not to look for signs. I suppose the cramping and slight bleeding could still be from the MC, but the sore boobs is a bit strange. You really could drive yourself nuts.
    Babylove....Soooo pleased for you, Take care xx
    Sioned..... sorry for your loss, but hope to hear good news in the near future xx
    Mummy Mog....hope you're feeling better after your MC and if you're TTC I wish you good luck xx
  • Hi Tashelby

    I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    I'm in a similar situation, when are you going to test? I don't want to do it too early but don't know how long i can wait.

    Good Luck
  • Ciara, im starting to think its AF, although not sure. Im pretty sure lost my baby on 5th july, MC confirmed on 7th and bleeding stopped then. Its not 20 days bleed free so God only knows. Bleeding getting slightly heavier, but not bad. Im not for testing anytime soon. Im too scared to know encase it ends badly. Its silly, but if I convince myself its AF then I dont have to face a BFN. Whats ur situation? xxTracy
  • I know how you feel its such a confusing time. I have had no bleeding yet but I'm trying to convince myself that I will so that I won't be disappointed when it appears.

    I started bleeding on 30th June at 5+2 but they said it was too early to do a scan and my mc was confirmed a week later when I got a BFN image

    I have no idea when to expect AF but I think if I haven't had anything by Thursday, which will be 29 days after my mc started I'll do a test.

    I know I should wait longer as after a mc AF can take alot longer but 1. I'm very impatient and 2. I'm going away for the weekend so if i get a BFN i'll chance a glass of wine and maybe a cup of coffee too :P

    good luck,
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