the eyes never lie!!!

well after chempreg last month took testing time off until due today or tomorrow but thought ok just test once.well blow me if a big fat pink line.thing is i stopped drinking everything except a glass of red wine.ok i had a liiiittttllle too much on sat night as had a big night out with hubbie(veerry rare indeed) felt like a teenager again it was a fab night. i also had a bad virus the week before only just recovering from it ,still have slightly swollen glands.also slightly sore sides.ummmm too afraid to think anything yet but my eyes are a bit wonky and that is usually a symptom for me soo i guess its a waiting game but im still in the place where i know it could go either way so a bit early i think to announce a bfp.good luck to all the ladies waiting.a rest really does wonders regardless xxxxxx


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