Fertility After A Miscarriage?


I had a mc at the beginning of June. Hubby works away alot and so we missed ovulation last month - we did want to start trying again straight away. I'm probably due to ovulate towards the end of next week and so it will be my 2nd cycle after the mc. Does anyone have any idea how long your increased likelihood of falling pregnant lasts? I asked the nurse when I went for the scan to confirm the mc and she did say that you have an increased chance of getting pregnant after having a mc. Don't want to pin all of my hopes on this month, but hoping we'll strike it lucky!

Thanks girls x


  • Sorry hun but dont know the answer.
    Just wanted to ask, are you using opks as I have been in limbo the past couple of weeks as af was very late. I assumed my 2nd cycle would be 28 days as my first after MMC was.
    Turns out I ov'd nearly 2 weeks after when I thought. Luckily though we bd'd again at the right time as I got my BFP on sunday.

    Lots of luck hun and of course im sorry about your loss xxx
  • Thanks Babylove and big cnograts on your BFP! How long did it take you after your mc? How exciting!!

    I do use them, as I know that I ovulate on about day 21/22 every cycle. Quite helpfully I get tinges in my ovaries when I ovulate and so that's a nice indication, but I use the sticks too. I was always a bit concerned that was going to be a problem with ovulating in week 3, but seems not thankfully as we got pregnant 4th month of trying image Shame it didn't stick though, as lost it at 5.5 weeks. Here's to the next one though! xx
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