Is it too soon to try again?

Hi ladies

Just to explain my situation. I had a private scan on 12 June which confirmed I had a blighted ovum. I started bleeding on 14 June with the worst of the bleeding etc on 17 June. I opted for natural mc. Since then I have just had a brown sort of discharge which had all but disappeared towards the end of last week.

I went to the hospital for an internal scan last friday 25th. I was advised there was still some blood near my cervix and I have to go back on 9th July to confirm everything is as it should be.

When I got home tonight I decided to use an OPK just out of curiousity. It come up with the 2 lines??? I then tried a cheap preg test and this also showed 2 lines? I am confused :\? am I ovulating or does my body still think it is pregnant??

Just after anyones advice really as to whether tonight should be the night or would you wait until after the scan?? I don't want to risk another mc, but as I have seen on other posts if your body is not ready to get pregnant it wont do?? Really want to try again asap, to make it worse today would have been my 12 week scan :cry:

Thanks for reading any experiences/thoughts would be appreciated.



  • Hi hun, Im sorry that you are going through this too.. its horrible.
    I lost my baby on the 30th May after my 12 week scan showed no fetal heartbeat.

    It sounds like your body still has the hormone HCG in it, this normally lasts about 1- 2 weeks after MC but varies depending on how far along you were.

    My midwife said we could try again straight away so long as the bleeding had stopped (this prevents infection) however when the bleeding stops you can sometimes get a brown discharge randomly for a few days. When I felt physically ready and there was no blood we just started again, we had 2 occassions where I bled after and the rest has been fine, no blood since beginning of June for me.

    Ovulation can occur 2-4 weeks after a miscarriage, I ovulated 16 days or so after my MC..

    im now on the dreaded 2 week wait to test for pregnancy.

    if you feel ready physically and mentally then just try really gently, you might find it really emotional, I cried the first and second time as I was so relieved that I felt a little bit more like me. As after my MC I felt so lost and very unfeminine.

    Rather than using ovulation sticks, im checking my cervical mucus, basically as soon as you feel wet and runny down below and when you touch the mucus its clear and stretchy then you are fertile. I had 2 days of the stretchy stuff and 2 days of really wet runny discharge.

    Good luck hun.

  • Hi ya

    Thanks for your reply, sorry for your loss, I think what happened to you is alot more traumatic compared to what I went through.

    Like you say I think that I still have higher levels of HCG so don't think my body is ready, but i just want to try again!!

    I'll just need to be patient.

    Thanks for the tips. Good luck with your 2ww, hope you get your BFP soon!

  • thanks hun, I think any miscarriage is horrible aye.. im sure we must all feel the same. image
    it was such a shock as we had no miscarriage symptoms. was so excited waiting to go in and see baby and then nothing, just a small baby with no heartbeat image I still have terrible flashbacks about the sequence of events that weekend. they just haunt me.

    I hope we both get our BFP soon, I feel this is the only way forward for me.

  • Firstly, I had a medical miscarriage over 2 weeks ago and was told to take a pregnancy test on Friday, which was still positive. I had a blood test which showed my HCG levels to be over 900 when a test shows positive at 30. I know the reason why mine are so high, but it's likely that the same is happening to you. Disheartening, I know.

    Hoping2tryagain: my situation is almost identical to yours. If you ever want to talk, I would appreciate speaking to someone who has gone through almost the exact same cos although my family and friends try to understand, they can't. I don't know how we would go about it though xx
  • Hi Kate_28.. how are you coping? at your stage I was just barely living, if it hadn't been for my husband I have no idea how I would have pulled through. do you have the same support?
    its a horrible situation to be in, we hadn't even thought about "what if" guess that was silly but we were so excited.
    im four weeks and 2 days on from my Miscarriage and although its still really hard thinking about my baby, im looking forward to getting my positive result, if not this month then maybe the next. it has become a bit of an obsession which I guess is natural for women who have miscarried.
    Kate has your bleeding stopped? as I felt that was the first step to my recovery.

    we are all here for a chat, if you just feel like crying, spilling out your feelings etc.. this forum has been a bit of a lifeline to me. finding women who know exactly what its like, where no one will say silly comments like "it was not meant to be" "it was gods way" blah blah blah.. because thats bull shit..
    we were just really unfortunate that something went wrong with our little ones, who were just too good to live here.

    hope your okay.. virtual hug for you


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