Thank god for my cbfm!!!

Hey girls

Just wanted to recommend the clearblue fertility monitor for any of you considering one.

This is my second cycle using it since my first af after my mmc. The first month I ovulated a lot later than I expected and therefore my af was later. If I hadn't been using the monitor to show me this I would have been worried I wasn't ovulating or I'd missed it, then when af was later than I'd expected I'd have been getting my hopes up only to come crashing down when it arrived. Now this month I have ovulated much earlier than I'd have expected given last month, so I really think I would have missed it.

I am so happy to be confidently tracking what my body is doing! I just don't seem to have any ov symptoms apart from some slight cramping but given I suffer from ibs I can easily miss these.

If you are considering it, then get one! I got mine off eBay new unused for a total bargain. I actually have a spare one cos I thought I'd broken my first one and bought another in a panic as I don't think I'd be as relaxed without one. So I will let you know when I get round to selling it (like having my back up just now).

Good luck ladies whatever method you are using, I just thought I'd share my experience.

Keeping my fingers crossed this will be our month!



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