Lifes funny

Hi every1,
i was sitting up talking to my mum last night and figured out that life has a funny way of working out, i recently lost a baby at ten weeks in january so me and my partner at ttcing again.

but thats not the weird thing

me n my partner have been on & off since i was 14 when i was 17 i fell pregnant by another guy who i was seeing and lost the baby at ten weeks 9 months later i got back with my partner and fell pregnant with my son straight away. every thing was good then it all got to much and we broke up i started seeing someone else and fell pregnant november 09 at ten weeks we lost baby and he left the country.. the night icame back from hospital i was so upset and partner phoned and asked to come over and here we are ttcing.. he was so much help even though the baby was not his although im still deeply upset i do think everything happens for a reason and well thats my little story.

i just want to say sorry for everyones losses and im sending lots of baby dust you ways x
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