Is this normal?

Hello Ladies,

I posted the other day-thanks so much for the your kind words and for the welcome.

I started to miscarry at the start of the week when I should have been 5+1. I went to the EPU and got a negative test then, which I expected because my own tests had been getting much fainter. My bleeding was heavy for a few days but suddenly went from very heavy with clots to pretty much nothing really quickly which was a bit unexpected but I was told that it often happens that way. Anyway today I think my body is playing tricks on me...all my symptoms had disappeared and now today I have cramps again, lower back pain and most upsettingly I have the tingling sensation in my boobs again that I had since my BFP.

Now I know my bean has gone, I know my HCG levels are back to normal...why is this happening?

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it just in my head because I miss my bean? :cry:

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