Chemical Pregnancy last month - can it affect AF this month?

Hi Girly girls,

Not sure if anyone will know the answer but if you don't ask you don't know right?

Well, I had a chemical pregnancy last month, i'd have been around 4weeks. I have a 32/33day cycle and tested day before AF getting a BFP followed by AF 2 days later....was gutted but moved on!

So i'm now 3 days late this month and wondering if my AF and cyle could be blown by the chempregnancy last month?

I haven't a clue if i've ovulated this month as I got positive twice on OPKs 4 days apart so god knows whats going on there.

Not testing as too scared to see a BFP again for it to possibly result to AF once again!

Not had any symptons and don't feel any different. So I am thinking the emc affected my system?

Anyone else with similar experiences?

PP84 x


  • i had a mmc so not entirely sure but from what i've read on other posts it doesn't affect your cycle as much as a mc/mmc/ectopic as the hcg levels are a lot less but i would say it can make it a bit longer as your body can't ovulate until the hcg has all gone! xx
  • Hey hun, like rocky said I dont think it would affect your cycle as the hcg level would be low.

    If ur late hun u may be pg again, I understna du not wanting 2 test after what happened last month but 3days is 3 days. Good luck!! xx
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