Does anyone have any ideas??

Hi Ladies
This is a really long shot - but I just wondered what you thought of my situation.
I normally have 30 day cycles with pos OV test or Peak on CBFM on day 16/17.
This month - I started testing on CBFM on day 10 (I trick it into testing later as don't want to use more than 10 sticks). Anyway it went straight to high and so I did a digital OPK and it was positive, tested again on CD11 and CBFM high, OPK positive. CD12, CBFM still high, OPK negative.
I have tried charting this month but my temps are all over the place and I haven't really found a pattern. I have def noticed my boobs have been sore since CD0/11 which is normally a sign I have ovulated.
I have continued doing my CBFM to CD19 - all high, never a peak. I stopped doing it after that as I am pretty sure I already ovulated.
Has anyone else suddenly ovulated so early in a cycle, or missed the peak on CBFM?
My luteal phase is normally 14 days - so would have expected AF on CD25 if I did ovulate on CD11 - and def had cramps so thought AF was on her way but so far no sign - am on CD27.
Am petrified to test as have got my hopes up so many times before and got BFN. And since MMC in April 09, even if I did get BFP would be scared anyway. Am thinking I will wait at least until CD30 which is my normal date for AF.
Just wondered what you would do.


  • Hello there
    If it helps I got my peak on day 11 this month, after 2 days of high's, which is quite early in my cycle. But I don't really understand why you didn't get a peak on the cbfm if you got a positive on an opk, sorry!

    As for the when to test question, I think you should leave it as long as possible because of ov'ing early on and having a 30 day cycle. Perhaps leave it until day 31 (if you can!!).

    Good luck.
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