now know why i had mc

Hi girls
hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I had hospial on fri and i got the results of my blood tests. it seems i have the immune system problem in where the body attacks fetus thinking its ailen. its easily corrected with injections so now just need to fall again!(took 2 years!) i had clomid this month so should be ov in the next few days if i do that is???!!
if clomid doesnt work this cycle then its iui next cycle!
we havnt told my step son hes 4, that we lost the baby as he lost 2 nans this year, we are just hoping that it slowly fades out of his memory althouh it hasnt yet!!! if it doesnt happen soon we will have to tell him, its heartbreaking when he says things like
im going to be the best big brother arent i?? please god let me fall soon xxx


  • I suppose thats as good news as you can expect from the situation, that it can be easily controlled!

    Bless your stepson! I suppose he's too young to understand the dates etc and so i think you're probably doing the right thing in keeping him excited about being a big brother!

    Good luck on getting your BFP now hun!
  • Thanks hun thats really sweet of you! yeah i think it was the right thing xxx
  • Hi Gemlou
    Just read your post. I too have high natural killer cells (is this the same thing?).
    Good luck
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