Bloody Families!

Well we're home for Christmas with my family.

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  • Oh Mafia I really feel for you. It must feel like the whole world is against you at the moment. I don't have any wise words to give you, but can offer you my sympathy. Sil is pregnant (have you noticed how many family members fall pregnant almost immediately after someone miscarries?? it's like they want to prove to you that actually, having a baby is completely easy and it's just you that can't manage it) and it really plays on my mind. I just feel so irrationally angry about it.

    As for your dad.......does he find it difficult to talk about stuff like this, or is this a first for him? If I was you I would be tempted to say something to him.

    Sending you a massive hug - feel free to rant to us - I'm sure we will all join in and enjoy a good old rant-athon together!!

    XXSara (HUG HUG HUG)
  • o hun (((((hugs))))) how awful for you, I really don't know what to say to cheer you up any, families can be so insensitive at times. My dad hasn't mentioned my mc to me either but I wasn't expecting him to, I think they just find it difficult to express emotions, plus being men they just don't understand.
    We are all here for you anytime you need to chat or rant, hope tomorrow isn't as bad as your thinking it will be xx
  • Don't really know what to say but that sounds rubbish!

    *Christmas hugs*

    C xx
  • Thanks ladies, did a huge reply but BE ate it!

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  • Don't know what to say.
    That sounds so awful. Really feel for you hun.
    Hope you will be ok.sending you lots of (((hugs)))
    netti x
  • Aww hunny, hopefully things might be a little easier now that your dad's begiining to understand? If your sister's children are there too maybe you could distract yourself my playing with them, this is what I'd do I think.

    Also, if sis and SIL are gloating about it, then it might be wise that you tell them how your feeling. If all else fails, would you be able to leave the house for a while, maybe take your neice/nephew to the park?

    Sending you lots of hugs, don't forget to fill us in later

  • Oh hun - sorry your dad isn't being supportive for you he needs a big kick in the shin (or elsewhere!). Hope today goes ok for you xx
  • Thank you ladies

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