*whispers* BFP!

Hey all,

It's been a while since i've posted regularly on here as i had taken some time off from TTC. It was becoming all consuming, and not in a good way, since my MMC in March and i was physically and mentally worn out and stressed. So my last attempt TTC was in June then after some time off with a course of acupuncture we decided to try again this cycle. Well i truly couldn't believe it when i tested last night and got my BFP!!

I tested with a cheapie one from amazon, a 'borrowed' one from work (i'm a midwife!), a first response and a CBD-all positive!

I'm so elated yet so terrified. I hope this one works out ok, just rying to be positive but it's hard. Having a baby is so full of hurdles from TTC, to being PG, to delivering your baby and then looking after them once their born. Just keep having to tell myself one step at a time and i'm now over the first hurdle. Haven't gone over to 'Due in July' yet as still feeling so unreal.

I hope you all get your sticky BFP's soon!



  • congrats MummaJ, that's fab news. stay here with us for a while if you're not ready for July yet.
  • Woo congratulations!! xx
  • Cogratulatios hun xx wishing u a happy & healthy 9 months xx
  • yeaaaa! congrats mummaj!! *hugs*
  • whispering congrats!
  • Congratulations!! WIshing you a happy and healthy 9 months x
  • Ahhh congratulations, all the best for your pregnancy xxx
  • Congratulation to you
    I know how you feel about being scared at getting your BFP after a mc. I had a chem pg in sept and got my BFP on the 1st nov and all I have done is worry ever since.I had a scare last week but fingers crossed everything is ok now but has made me worry all the more.
    It was hard for me to move over to due in july but I did it and there are fantastic girls over there who support you. I still like to pop back onto here tho.
    When you are ready to pop your head in there at least you know one name already
    Will be looking out for you
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