I am ready to go again!

Hi girls,

I suffered my second miscarriage 5 weeks ago and I am now ready to TTC again, I hope it happens first time but am trying to not build my hopes up.

I have read a few girls who fell pregnant after having ERPC so I hope I am a lucky one!

Good luck to all you girls - stickybabydust all round! it is nice to see the BFP popping up again, it is a magical feeling seeing that stick get two lines!



  • Glad to see you're back - good luck this month!!

    I had an ERPC too and from what I've seen on here it doesn't seem to affect your chances of falling again quickly.

    Hope you get your BFP soon - loadsa sticky babydust! xx
  • Hi Joy

    Good luck and lots of baby dust to you this month!

    Do you mind me askinghow long it took for your first af after your ERPC? I had an ERPC on 16 July and I'm still waiting for AF (although we started TTC straight after bleeding stopped!).

    x x
  • no of course not, I had the ERPC on 8th July and AF arrived on 6th August. I will be honest and say it wasnt a nice AF but I am pleased she is over with and my body feels as though I am cleared out - sorry if that sounds crude but it is true.

    We have BD a few times and not been 'careful' as such but not meant to TTC either, so this week I am looking forward to feeling some normality again.

    Good luck to you xxxx
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