1 day until AF and.....

CD23 / 11DPO and I have been having cramps for a couple of days, which is not unusual for the week running up to AF, but I also had back ache all day, not a usual AF sign for me so I did random FR at 2pm and got two lines!!! It not even FMU!

My DH has gone out to buy a digital to do tomorrow with FMU. I can't believe it!!??

I'm so excited but terrified at the same time - fouth time lucky I hope!! I have my appointment on Wed at the recurrent miscarriage clinic and had appointment in July to discuss our IVF / ICSI options!


*** UPDATE ***

Ok today (24th June) I did another CBD and got 'PREGNANT 2-3 weeks'!!

I am now CD27 and although I got a lovely digital BFP on Sunday my AF wouldn't have due until tomorrow!! Don't you think 2-3 wks on CD27 is very high hCG??

I know I shouldn't have googled, but I did and now it's freaked me out because it has said high hCG can mean Molar preg, ectopic or multiple preg and althoug I would be very happy with twinnies, I am scared about the molar and ectopic possibilities.

I have been having regular cramps, but no spotting and no sharp pains. NOTE TO SELF: Never 'Google'

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  • g/c i definitely see 2 lines there.

    good luck!!!
  • Yep definately 2 lines! Congratulations, what a lovely day to get your bfp xx
  • I couldn't wait... DH got back and I tested right away!


    From my dates, I think my EDD will be 2nd March! image

    Sooooo excited and soooooo terrified! xxx

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  • Congratulations honey great news so happy for you x did you use any tests this month or do anything different. What a good farthers day this is for you ximage
  • Congratulations!!!! xxx
  • Thank you ladies,

    This was our second month using a CBFM and we BD'd alternate days until 2 bars, then did every day then during the two peak fertility (3 bar) days we did the BD twice per day!! as soon as it dropped back to 1 bar we stopped! We were tired! :lol:

    Also I used a mooncup after each BD and used pre-seed.

    Considering my DH only has 2% normal forms and low motility, I put it down to the frequency that we did the BD.

    DH is sooo chuffed too, he has a big grin x
  • Yay Fairy!!!! Whoop whoop image

    I was about to post that I could DEFINITELY see 2 lines on the FRER and then I didn't need to seeing the CBD!!

    Am so thrilled for you hun, see you in pregnancy.
    Lots of love,
    MrsH and little pud 12+6 xx

    P.S what a great father's day gift for hubs?!!
  • Ahhh congratulations hun! I really hope this is a sticky one for you!

  • congrats hun, was just about to say thats what my first response looked like when I found out I was pregnant, hoping that I get it again in 3 weeks. its going to be long wait for me.. just keep wanting to test but its way too early.

    congrats again. and lots of sticky baby bean dust.

  • that is great news! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! What fantastic news! Here's to a H &H 9 months! And a super sticky bean!! Xxx
  • Sorry I'm G/C, but congratulations FT! xx
  • Hi Rach, How's married life!! Yes I am thrilled with our lovely news!!! Can you believe we've nearly been married a year!! x
  • Married life's great thanks - longing to start TTC now though....

    It's so scary isn't it - 2 weeks today until our anniversary!! You'll have to be good and celebrate yours with sparking grape juice or something! image

    So happy for you! xx
  • Woohoo this is fantastic news. 5 days early too. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust xxx
  • Congratulations Fairy, thats brilliant news! See you over in pregnancy, sending you loads and loads of sticky baby dust xx
  • have replied in preg after mc but just wanted to say congratulations again!xx
  • Congratulations!!! x
  • We can be bump buddies image Although according to my period i am due in february, I think I ov'd a bit later. We can support each other through it.

    Really hope it is a sticky bean for both of us, we deserve it!
  • Fabulous news sweets. Congrats xx
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