wow all the BFP ladies, thank u for hope :)

I am feeling a lot more positive since I have seen 4 seperate ladies with BFP's since there miscarriages.

I have been ovulating this week quite heavily so hoping we have a BPF in couple of weeks. I just feel like its all I can hope for and I think about it constantly. eek

but all the pregnant ladies posts have given me hope. thank you all



  • Really hope you have the same result as me hun! I was not even hoping for this and it happened!

    Obviously it is very early but i am staying positive until i am proved wrong!

    Good luck hun, have everything crossed for you....
  • thanks trying82.. I have all the hope in the world. We Bding over my two fertile days, I had clear cervical mucas which was stretchy, we been bding every 2 days since the Bleeding stopped so lets hope we caught something special.

    Im just worried about how gutted i will be if my AF arrives in two weeks image I feel like i've moved forward and worried it might put me back.

    However if I get a positive it will be the same week but 4 months later than last time i got my first BFP.. how weird that my cycle is back to same as before.

  • It's funny, all the months I was SS'ing and convinced a BFP was on it's way with no luck then this month I was sure AF was coming and got a BFP??

    Every month is tough, but there is always hope and you should never forget that. There is no guarantee that this bean will stay (although I really hope so) but no matter what I will get my baby in my arms one day and no one can take away that dream!!

    I hope you get your BFP very very soon AND ALL THE OTHER LADIES too! x
  • I'm completely with you on that hoping2tryagain, i've been so excited when seeing all the BFP's lately and it's certainly given me hope (and a little green eye too!). I've got until 30th Jun before testing, it's aaaaaalll I think about! Hope we all get what we want soon xx
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