What's going on?

My goodness, all I'm reading on here is why this and what's that...nature is not being kind! Some people have no af, some have her visit way too early, some have spotting...or is it implantation?!

I wish this could be easier as we're all being made too confused by our bodies. I'm having pain in my left side and trying to decide if it's ovulation or constipation. This is cycle day 10 for me and the first cycle after af since having an erpc. However, my first af only lasted 2 days. This is really unusual for me as I usually bleed quite heavily and it lasts a full 5 days. This is making me think that maybe it was implantation and I should do a test. I know deep down however that this is only wishful thinking and would only feel incredibly stupid seeing a negative test. Wish there was a book we couild all read with all the answers.

I'm away to poas....i'll stick to an ovulation test tho image


  • i know its all so confusing as everyones body that bit different as regards reproduction haha but at min keep it simple implantation should not be blood as such just a spot.keepin fingers crossed hope you get resultxxxx
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