"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, BFP's all the way..........."

............Oh what fun is is to find out you're pregnant on Christmas day!!!

Hello ladies! here is the christmas BFP thread, the stork has put in a special request for extra BFPs this christmas as he is worried about cutbacks in the new year and doesn't want his hours cut - so get cracking!!!

As always, let me know who is testing and when so that I can add your name to the list and we can cheer you along. The last thread is at the bottom so we can all see where we left off.

Wishing you lots of luck and love this christmas cycle image

Babyluv 4th Dec
Gemgems13 5th Dec
Luckystar 7th Dec
Reevester1985 8th Dec
Snooks 10th Dec
Gussie 11th Dec
Jodie13 12th Dec
Blessed Beauty 17th Dec
RockyKiz 22nd Dec
Roisine 23rd Dec
Makka Pakka 24th

Moon and stars - Soon!
Laujai - Soon!



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  • Yayyy Loving it L&N!!
    How are you sweetie? how many weeks are you now?

    I may give you a testing date for this cycle not sure yet we havent been careful so far this cycle as are test results are back on tues so hopefully ttc again also oh keeps going on about it & how much he wants a baby so dont see much harm as should get all the help we need if any this month!!!

    Bring on the Xmas BFP everyone xxxx
  • Not officially ttc yet, we are on week 3 after our erpc, but we are naughty and not using anything. We might not get any ov this time, but we might.Not testing for another 2 weeks, just to make sure I don't get disappointed, might even wait longer than that.

    Hope I can join this thread and have a bit of fun whilst the waiting takes ages.
  • lol! thanks for starting the new thread for december! my next AF should arrive about dec.11 if she's gunna show(lets hope not). how have you been feeling l&n?
    laujai- good luck you deserve a mighty sticky bean!
    brieghlin- that first month takes forever doesnt it!!
    good luck to everyone thats in here for dec.
  • Hello luvvie

    Thanks for starting a new one - feeling quite positive at the mo - i am going to add my test date of 12th Dec please and good luck to all this month!!!

    Jodie xx
  • First month till now actually went quite quickly. Oh and I have really restored our life in the bedroom. We both enjoy it at the moment and that was a long time ago since that really happened. (During pregnancy I was just to tired, after birth it was a bit painfull, than I fell pregnant again and was to tired, now I do enjoy it again)

    I might have said something before about the fights I had with oh? Well, it turns out he is quite selfish and grumpy when he hasn't had enough sleep. With our son waking up every morning really early and being a pain sometimes during the night, he just did not have enough sleep, and neither did I. So I kicked him out to the bedroom into the spare room, where he has been sleeping for the last two weeks. Must say we have been better than ever and it really is nice again.
  • L&N thanx for starting the new thread for us. I'm testing on Saturday.

    Breighlin it's lovely to hear you sounding so happy, as I know things were to tough for you straight after MC. You sound so much more positive now, and it's really nice. welcome to the thread with the crazy ladies!! ;\)
  • breighlin-nice to hear things are better!
    gem-hey hun,how was the movie?did you go?
    jodie- we will hopfully be testing about the same time
  • I hope we all will get our Christmas bfps! Lottie will you please add me for December 17th? I am doing the smep and hoping af won't ruin it. That would have been my due date, so Im hoping for good news. Baby dust for us all!!!! image
  • hey there ill be quite late ,around 22nd/23rd dec.it might be a bit soon but you never knowxxxxxx
  • Hey ladies! I have been really anxious about christmas because I hoped I would have our BFP by now image this thread has really cheered me up now as I have been goinhg crazy with this months 2ww. I am testing on Friday 4th December! I have convinced myself I'm pregnant but then again I did that last month and ended up stressing myself out so much my AF was 5 days late haha!! I'm just trying to relax but its sooooo hard! Glad you all are ok..jingle bells, jingle bells BFP's all the way - I love it! xxx
  • Hi girlies

    So excited to be joining you!!!!!!! Loving the title of the thread Lottie.

    I have no idea when I will be testing as my last cycle was a bit weird so not sure when my next af will be. But maybe that's a good thing cos I won't be able to obsess about how early I can test! Realistically I think it will be right at the end of December or maybe the very beginning of 2010.

    Let the ttc begin! image
  • Hi ladies

    Glad to see everyone in high spirits. Gussie thank you for your kind words hun.

    Nice to see so many of us on this thread that we can support eachothe & help us from all testing early.

    Good luck to everyone xxx
  • Can I join please? ...although not holding out much hope as don't think I've ov'd this month!
    Please put me down for 7th December x
  • Lovely to hear from you L&N and thank you for starting this thread.

    I CAN'T wait to be able to join in the fun next month. Think I should ov around 15th January and by god i'll be going for it! x x
  • Right everyone have added you all, please let me know if I have anyone wrong or I have missed anyone. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you all and Blessed beauty we all know how hard it is in the run up to a due date so I hope your PMA stays good and you get a happy result.

    Laujai am 6 + 4 and had some disappearing symptoms in the last day or do which was quite worrying however they are back now and I think I just need to hang on and cross my fingers. Still waiting for an early scan date but should hear this week. Hope you are ok? Am hoping that you get some good news tomorrow.

    Rocky! Where is your date lol!

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  • loving the title L+N!

    will hopefully have a test date in a day or 2 my peak's hiding at the mo! which is actually fine cus of this bleeding lark! (quick update on that carrying on from the other thread - spoke to the duty doc and she booked me an appointment to come in she had a feel of my tummy but all feels ok so she's booked me in for an internal scan again just to check alls ok so this should come through in the next week or so, eeaakk.)

    Glad everyone's ok! xxx
  • L&N you know what it's like with symptoms I think some days you just feel worse than others, hope you get that early scan date through soon just for peace of mind but I know this one is here to stay hun. Im well thanks feeling rather positive about tomo which is good lets just hope all this PMA brings good results.

    Rocky glad you spoke to your GP & they are arranging a scan for you that should clear up any confusion about whats happening, dont give up this cycle tho hun.
  • Thank you Lottie, I am def trying to keep in good spirits, and I think my body is playing tricks on me already. Lol. I have been feeling sick evryday for the past 3 days and peeing alot more often, but I don't think that I'd have symptoms this early. I have already bought the test I will use on the 17th! I'm definitely anxious. I'm almost in the 2ww...yay!!!
  • Either I had ov yesterday or my period is coming up. (period is a bit early, it is 3.5 weeks since erpc and only had a negative pregnancy test last thursday) Or there is something else altogether going on. :S Anyhow, had some twinges, little stabs and quite a bit more discharge. (sorry tmi I know) So I know something is going on. I also had a down day, so my emotions where all over the place. (which is the only reason I can normally point out my ov, I am not tracking it, but know when it was due to hormones and feelings) So I guess I will be testing in two weeks, if af hasn't arrived by than.

    It is a bit of a diffiult time and not sure if it will be the right time to get pregnant. My oh's grandfather died yesterday (he was not that old) so the whole family will be quite sad for a while. And my family will not know, I am not telling them after their non support after last mmc. (I will be able to hide it for a long while, they only come over 3 or 4 times a year)
  • Oh Breighlin you really are having a rough time of it at the mo, please keep that PMA up though i know it is hard.

    Gussie i will probably cave and test the same day as you, go i am only 3dpo and a mad woman already, keep finding things on the internet where women had their BFP at 6 days before period and keep thinking, could i do that too? Although i am going to try my best not to test early as thouse from last month's thread will know i got really upset and anxious towards the end of the 2ww and i only had myself to blame - I think i am going to need some severe tellings off before next week, or i need to follow gemgems great example and give my tests to my OH. Although knowing me i would nip out any buy some, or get one from work (i work in a GP's) crikey when it comes to this i have no self control!!!

    Rocky i am glad that you are getting things sorted, i hope that your appointment comes round quickly for you.

    Babyluv, so nice to see you matey - how have you been keeping, haven't seen you on here for a while. Keeping my fingers crossed so tightly for you and gemgems the 1st of our testers!!!

    Laujai - wishing you luck for your appointment - will be thinking about you.

    I hope that none of you haven't turned into the loon that i have yet - trying to fill my days with xmas stuff- on annual leave this week and trying to busy myself!!!

    MP - at least you can kick bach and relax over xmas with a few glasses of grown up pop before getting down to things in the new year! Jan will be here before you know it!

    To all you lovely ladies i am chucking out heaps of baby dust, which is extra twinkly at this time of year i might add!!!

    Jodie xx
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