Its been 7 days now since my MC I did a test yesterday and I swear it said negative, but when I have looked again today it had a very very faint 2nd line. So I decided to do a CB digital test and that said Pregnant 1-2 weeks.
When I found out I was preg before the MC I did a CB digital test and that said Pregnant 2-3 weeks.

Can anyone help is this what normally happens.

I should have been 8 wks when I lost baby but it had stopped growing at 5. Had a natural MC and stopped bleeding Thursday night after bleeding for 6 days.


  • Hi Suze19,

    I had recently had an ERPC and the nurses told me that if i did a pregnancy test that it would still show positive for a while. They said that it is because your body still releases the pregnancy hormone for a while. I guess that is why your tests are still saying that.
    I hope this helps and that you are ok.

    Kate x
  • I had a positive test till about 3 weeks after my erpc. After that it started to be negative. Just do another test in a week time and see if that one is negative, it does take a while before the hcg is out of your system.

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