Finally - a light at the end of the tunnel

Hi girls,

As most you already know I started to mc on xmas eve and have been bleeding ever since, my EPU have been great as it was a suspected ectopic for a while. I have been back and forth for bloods and finally after going today my hormone levels have done the right thing! They have halved since this time last week.

Am so relieved as the hospital was keen to give me methotrexate because the pregnancy was never seen in the womb (mc before they had chance to scan) and also because my levels kept rising. I am so pleased I don't need the jab, meant we couldn't try for 3 months and we are both keen to get back to 'normal' if you know what I mean.

Probably sounds silly but just had a little cry, finally feel like there is an end in sight and it has been a long 7 or so weeks.

Thank you again for reading and your wonderful support,
Love MrsH xxxx


  • MrsH

    You have been so brave & im so glad you can finally start to try & move forward.

    Here's wishing you lots of luck & some extra super sticky baby dust for nxt time xxxx

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  • Thanks hun,

    At times I certainly don't feel like I have been brave but I have survived and if I look back I would never imagined I could have! The support from you girls has helped tremendously! image

    Hopefully only one more visit to EPU next week and then on with the next chapter of our lives.

    Hope you're well hun xxxx
  • It's been a long old slog hasnt it, I think were all brave going through what we have & we've somehow managed to come out the other side stronger.

    Im good thanks hun am in the 2ww only 3dpo today but have had some strange sharp pains that caught me short this evening!! x
  • I'm so so glad you didn't need methotrexate, it's not nice and the 3 month wait is just awful. I'm glad you can get back on track now and you'll prob find your levels go down quite quickly now.

    I felt huge relief when I knew it was drawing to an end x x x
  • Laujai - it certainly makes us stronger, doesn't it, I wouldn't have said I was strong at all before this but part of me knows I am and I have been. Interesting about the pain, hmmm, keeping my fingers crossed for you hun!

    Mafia Princess - Hi lovely, *waves*
    It does feel like a relief although a little sad image but in a strange way this was the best of a bad result. Onwards and upwards hey!

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