Maybe take your mind off things......

Just wondering if anybody wants to join in a little group for a bit of PMA. I am going to try and loose some weight over the next few months, been comforting eating like mad over the past 5 weeks and could really do with loosing a stone, just to feel healthy again. Just going to start exercising and eating healthy. I did this on YAYW and it really helped coming on here and sharing our stories and keeping each other updated on our weight loss...... anyone want to join in.

I am 11st 3lbs, 5ft 7 and a size 12/14. I want to loose a stone!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to join in it will be fun and may take our mind off our awful time at the min....... and BD'ing is excellent exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:


  • Hi 3054, we really are going through the same things, I have also been trying to lose weight!! I have been doing Rosemary Connely online since my operation and have lost 9 lbs so far!! I am 5 foot 4 and quite a small build, I used to be 8 and a half stone. I went up to 10 stone 1 and a size 12 so none of my clothes fit me and I have a really big tummy!!!. I have managed to get down to 9 stone 6. I want to get back to 8 and a half again so I feel happy about how I look. I hate feeling frumpy and not being able to wear my jeans comfortably.

    I comfort eat really badly and always want to turn to food when I am upset (and wine!!) Also once I start snacking thats it I cant seem to stop!!!

    I think this is a great idea, count me in

  • Hi 3054,

    There is a weight loss thread on LTTC. I'm on there. You're welcome to join us! xxx
  • Glad you have joined in..... so far I've been really good. I hae cut out bread, as I eat loads of it and replaced it with a healthy cereal instead. I hae had loads of fruit and veg and seeing as it has been the weekend I have had noo alcohol or takeaways........ I want to loose about 1-2 lbs per week, if I am lucky!!!!!!! I am going to weight myself each Friday, will post my results...... glad your weight loss is going well, cant beliee how similliar we are!!!!!!!!!!!:lol: Cant wait till bd'ing becomes part of my exercise...... until then I will have to keep walking the dog!!!!!:lol:
  • I weigh myself on Wednesdays so will let you know how I do. Been feeling abit depsondent about it this weekend, really fancied a treat but have managed to resist the urge!!! Its usually at about this stage that I give up with diets so hopefully I will perserve this time

  • Sorry Fairythalia, meant also to say thanks for inviting us to the LTTC weight loss thread. Looks like there are quite alot of us who need to lose a few pounds:lol:


  • Oh I hae been really bad today........ had the busiest day ever at work today. I had 2 slices of wholemeal toast at 5:30am for breakfast and didn't get anything else to eat all day..... or drink come to think of it...... just so busy. Finally finished work about 6pm. Hubby is in Scotland overnight with work, so on my way home feeling really tired and really hungry...... I got a macdonalds............ oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will hae to get back to being good tomorrow. I was just being lazy!:lol:
  • Dont feel so bad, Im not surprised you were so hungry if you hadnt eaten since 5.30, I would have been starving!!! At least you can look at the fact that you didnt take in many calories during the day so it shouldnt have affected your weight loss too bad if you are good for the next few days.

  • Well I have to gain weight so send some my way! I was quite ill in 2008 and lost a lot of weight have spent the last 2 years trying to put on a stone and a half and really struggling. Good luck you two!
  • Thanks Muffin34, that must be just as stressful just the other way around. Why is nothing ever easy!!

    Well i did my weigh in today and lost 2lb today. I am pleased but feeling really fed up with watching what I eat at the mo. I turn to food for comfort alot and have been feeling really down and having bad food cravings. Not only have I still got my emotional issues over losing my baby we are having alot of financial problems as well which are worrying me. Usually food helps (yes I know how stupid that is!!)

    Anyway I hope that I can carry on being good as I keep thinking oh sod it I cant be bothered any more. I have to keep telling myself that if I start eating loads again I will put back on all the weight I have lost so far and then feel even more miserable

  • You have the right attitude....... keep strong..... you are doing so well, another 2lbs is excellent. Im dreading weighing tomorrow! If you can get through these bad weeks the next few will be a breeze. Just look at the long term when you will be so upbeat about how great you feel having lost your weight.

    I am struggling at the moment, keep wanting bad things...... healthy food just doesn't cut it some times!!!!! Will keep trying though. Will update you on Friday x
  • Good morning..... well weigh in day arried..... I lost 2lbs, weighed 11st 1lb..... yea, not sure how though, I haven't have the best week (maybe it was the BD'ing last night:lol:

    Anyway, this has given me a little boost for a positie second week..... here is to another 2lbs to get me under the 11st barrier. Hope your well x
  • Thats great news 3054, well done. Just think two more pounds and you will be under the 11 stones mark. Hopefully that will be next week if you carry on as you are.

    Take care

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