afraid to find out

Hi everyone
i just had a miscarrage two weeks ago just stopped bleeding last week, i know the doctor said to wait a month but i dont want too, i jus want to start trying straight away.......
the only thing is, that im afraid to find out if im pregnant to soon but of fear of miscarring again, and i feel if i miscarraged and didnt know i was pregnant maybe it wouldnt hurt so much, but at the same time my work involves alot of lifting and i dont want to put the baby at risk, what do you guys think?????


  • Hi hun, not sure I have any advice on the work side of things but wanted to send you hugs and tell you that you aren't alone, I have had a pretty rough couple of weeks too.

    Hugs xxx
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I too had a miscarriage in October 09 and it was a very painful situation to have to deal with.

    From your email I sense that you do want to start TTC straight away. My advice would be if you and partner feel ready to start TTC you should start. Your body will not conceive if it's not ready to. It took us 3 cycles after MC to conceive again and we tried from cycle 1.

    With regard to your anxiety about finding out if you're pregnant I think everyone in this forum sympathises, empathises and understands 100% where you are coming from. I think only you and your partner can decide if the time is right for you to TTC but I would recommend that if you do start on your first cycle make sure that you take a pregnancy test at the right time because you need to know when and if you're pregnant. You dont want to jeopardise your bean by lifting boxes because you were too scared to find out. It will be scary but the joy of finding out you have a BFP will lift your spirits and give you something to look forward to.

    Each pregnancy is different so try not to think that because you've had a miscarriage that it will happen again. I know it's easier to say this but there are many ladies on this website that have had successful pregnancies after miscarriage....for example... NattyNik has just given birth to a gorgeous little girl after 3 miscarriages.

    I hope you get your BFP very very soon. Dont forget if you're nervous or scared about testing we'll all hold your hand :\)

    Snooks xxx

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  • Hi hun

    Im so sorry about your loss.

    I think Snooks reply is perfect & theres not much more I can add to that!!!

    Were all here if you need us.

    Hugs xxxx
  • Hi hun, so sorry to hear of your loss (((hugs))))

    I had a mc at the start of December and have decided to ttc straight away, I'm on my 2ww at the minute. I am very very scared but at the same time I am very excited too. I know if and when I get my BFP I am going to be terrified of every twinge and every trip to the toilet but I am focusing on the positive, I can't change what happened and I won't ever forget my little bean but I want to be a mummy more than anything and I know when it's my turn it will be worth everything I have been through.

    We are all here for you hun, even if all you want is another ((((hug)))) xx
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