Am I ovulating after Miscarriage??? Positive OPK!

Hi everyone,

just recently had a m/c image i was supposed to be 8 weeks but nothing ever developed - early scan just showed empty sac... Started bleeding on 20th Dec and passed what I believed to be the sac on 1st jan, the bleeding stopped a few days later.

My husbnd and I have decided to TTC straight away, we were very upset but feel we are ready..

So I am now 12 days after miscarriage (dating it from when I passed the sac) and have just got a positive OPK!!!

Sunday (10 days afer m/c) - took a HPT - negativeimage at least i know... Started using OPK's also - 2 tests, one at 12.30pm and one at 8pm both negative

Monday (CD11) - test one at 12.30 pm and two at 8pm both negative (although line getting darker)

Today (CD12) - test is definately positive and i have also had twinges and slight breast tenderness since last night..

Is it possible to be ovulating this early (day 12) after m/c?? I usually ovulate like day 17 or 18. Should i trust the OPK or could it be wrong??

What should I do now? Sex every day for 3 days??

What do you all think?? Is it right? xx


  • Hi hun

    Anything is possible you very well could be ovulating or about too or your body could be trying to.

    If I were you I would probably bd regulary just in case, like every other day.

    Good Luck x
  • Hi hun
    I had a miscarriage in Oct 09, had a D&C on the 12th Oct, and got a BFP 5 weeks later, so I must have ovulated a week after my op. So it can definitely happen hun because it happened to me image
    Hope this helps and good luck for the future
    Mel xx
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