Right, keeping it short and sweet we have been BD every other day (except the 2 consecutive days over xmas) and have been using my cbfm in the am and cb digital opk's in the evening (last few cycles i've had alot of highs!!!) anywho, the first day of my high i did a cb dig but it got an error so scrapped that one (i make sure with them that i dont pee for 4 hours and hardly drink in that time too!) next day (yesterday) did the same, same time, but it worked and no smiley, so this morn expected another high but i got a peak!!!!!!! why didnt i get a smiley yesterday???? if i had we would've BD last night but we didnt (however have the 2 previous nights...) but now i feel image cus although will pounce on hubby when he comes home i feel that pma slipping away... plus it means i'm guna have to lie down for a part of my sunday afternoon, when normally i ;prop' myself up and fall asleep! Did i do the tests wrong or something?



  • I don't know how these things work, so can not comment on that, but just wanted to let you know that when I fell pregnant last time I ov'd 2 days later than we bd. Yes I know, quite bad, but we had a fight and neither of us wanted to apologize or admit they were wrong, so was counting myself out for that month and I still had a bfp. So as long as you did it before and you do it today, you still have a good chance.
  • you could do another digital one this pm and see what that shows. I suppose it depends how sudden your LH surge was, it may have happened after you tested in afternoon. and anyway doesn't the surge mean you will ovulate in the next 24-48hrs after it happens? that's what most opk's say isn't it. so if you BD today you may need even ov til later in day or tomorrow. don't give up now. there's plenty of time in the 2ww for paranoia and doubting yourself image
  • I think the fmu is the key and maybe you didn't ov until the morning?

    I think you have done more than enough as you can pounce tonight and you will get another peak tomorrow too! x x
  • Hi honey

    The same kind of thing happened to me this month, except I used fr opk's in the afternoon (bout 4pm).

    I was getting highs on my cbfm, then on cd14 the second line on the fr stick was quite dark, but still not as dark as the control line. The next morning I got a peak on my cbfm, and in the afternoon the two lines on the fr were the same.

    I think if you had used fr sticks you may well have seen that the day before your peak the two lines were quite close in colour but not quite the same. I wouldn't worry about it rocky as you have been having sex frequently, and you have caught your peak.

  • hey, i know ur all right its just such a bum! I went for the digital opk's cus couldn't read the damn lines on the normal ones! and gems i did read the instructions again and ur right it is 24 - 36 hours AFTER LH surge (i knew that it's just u get that peak / smiley and u automatically, think quick get that egg!) so hoping i OV towards the end of that slot as i must've git my lh surge after 5.30pm yesterday... have BD once today so will atempt again this eve before bed and then again tomorrow, glad i got my peak this month though (reckon i did just miss it last month) and seem to be back to 2 highs before which was what it was before my mc so fingers crossed my body is 'normal'!!!! taken long enough!!!!! xxxx
  • Hi rocky - I really don't get how these opk sticks work so sorry i can't help you there. Please don't let the PMA slip away because you may still be with a chance remember the little sperms can live for 3-5 days so even if you did OV and you bd today you still have some left from the night before!!!! TTC is so difficult as I am always left kicking myself each month thinking 'if only i had bd that day'. We can only try and then let nature take its course!! I was convinced this month I would get a bfp as I did everything the same as last pregnancy but it was a bfn. I realised that my cycles have never been exactly the same since mc until this AF I just got which was back to 28 days so maybe my body was just not ready yet.. now i have a normal cycle i am ready to try again with new PMA for next month!!! So don't worry about it now just keep bd'ing now you know you have your peak!! xx
  • Don't be sad if you bd'd the previous 2 conscutive days there woud have been a fresh supply of little swimmers ready to greet the egg. Keep that pma girl and pounce on oh tonight anyway. If you have done the deed you are still in the running. My doc told me not to worry more about the week leading up to ov than the actual deed itself. Good luck hun xx
  • hey socks! well i hit the 2ww as of tomorrow morning! we BD twice yesterday and plan to tonight for luck as had some pains earlier this pm so who knows! are u still feeling positive this year to see ur GP? xxx
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