Cd 16 of the SMEP and I think I might have to stop :(

I think all this bd'ing has caused me to get a UTI. I have alot of pain in my left side and in the left side of my lower back. It is getting so bad that even my heating pad no longer works to manage the pain. I am going to the dr today and Im pretty sure they are going to tell me to give the bding a rest until Im better. How bad am I that I probably will not quit until cd 35? Although at the same time I probably should, bc if this plan actually does work, it may not be good for baby if I have a kidney infection. I'm not sure what to do. I guess the dr will have to decide...good luck to the rest of you who are doing the smep (and those of you who aren't). I guess hubby and I had a good run, maybe next month we'll try again image


  • Ouch! What a total mare. Hope the doctor says you can carry on . xxSara
  • ooh I hate cystitis!! tho I did have a partic bad bout the cycle I got pg before mc. I was so sore I didn't drink alcohol or BD on our wedding anniversary, and gave up on opks, and thought there was no way it would happen that month as we hardly BD'd. Hope the same happens for you! And make sure you tell the doc to gibe you antibiotics that are safe in pg in case you have conceived image
  • Thank you ladies. I just got done at the dr and he said my tests look normal, no infections. He thinks I pulled a muscle or had a cyst that burst at some point, so we can continue with the smep! I am happy, although still having some pain. And they did a preg test but of course it was neg image I wouldn't expect to have a pos this soon anyways. I guess I will look forward to cd 35, as long as AF doesn't show her ugly face! Lol. Baby dust for us all image
  • oh good news about no infection, good luck with the rest of the plan!
  • just caught up with this luvvie - glad that things went ok at the docs & good luck with the plan!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Thank you image. I am unfortunately getting my hopes up about being pregnant again. I am counting the days til December 17th so that I can test on my would-have-been due date. I hope that we will all be blessed for Christmas, that is really all I want!!! And I am silly because I have already planned out how I will tell my hubby and our family. Also planning on keeping the sex of the baby a surprise until we have it, I am getting waaaay ahead of myself bc if I do not get pregnant I am going to be sooo down. Good luck to everyone, I will def stay posted.
  • i glad your ok hun! happy bding
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