High prolactin - Anyone ?????

Well here i am again thinking that i had got my cycle back only to be told on fri that bloods have shown up a consistent high prolactin level . This is the hormone present in pregnancy that helps you produce breast milk and basically stops your periods and ovulation. This therefor is why i havent had a period or ovulated since mc in March:cry: And why i have experienced spotting. I am now seeing doc to see the next course of action and seeing if anyone has experienced this or knows anything about it. I am so down about it all and feel like i cant move on. I have lost all pma and feel sad time has been wasted ttc when it couldnt possibly happen!!!


  • Hi Leanne, I have never heard of this before...?? I'm glad you are booked in to see the doc though, hope he can give you some answers. Try not to loose the PMA though, I'm sure things will work out. Take care and good luck at the docs, keep us posted. Zxx
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