Dont know whether to try or not - stomach issues

Hi ladies, been a while since I have been here. Had my first period - well I guess I am still having my first period - its lasted around 2 and a half weeks. I called the dr and she said its normal for the first period to be a bit heavier. I am going to the drs to get a check up on Thursday so all ok there.

however, may I ask if any of you ladies have any stomach issues? Low stomach acidity, hernia or under active thyroid? I have always had a sensitive stomach, and have very low stomach acid, and am getting checked for thyroid problems... I have been told that there is a high link between miscarriage and stomach acid/thyroid.

Am terrified of trying again in case it is something to do with my stomach - however, i want to start trying so badly.

Anyone gone through similar? :roll::\?
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