I had a dream ......

That my baby boy was called Alexander John! Never a name we'd considered but that's his name now and I feel so much better for it. I remember it had to be john as it was my grandad's name and I thought Alexander would find him better if they shared a name.

It was Friday 13th which was my grandad's lucky day as he was born on Friday 13th. I think it was his way of telling me he was looking after Alexander and they were ok.

Last week is week I would have been 12 weeks and it really hit me hard emotionally, especially finding out girl I work with is due on my day.

After dream feel so much better!

Just thought I'd share x x x


  • We named our baby too, Grace. Helped us grieve and move on as baby had an identity. Big Hugs MP, you're doing so well.

  • Thank you, it really has helped naming him. I have felt a lot calmer since.

    Not long until your scan now is it? V exciting! x x
  • That's exactly how we felt! TBH I'm so nervous about the scan!

    Must have been tough for you with your colleague, such an unbelievable coincidence. I don't know how you held it together!

  • I burst into tears! Just have to try and block it out or I'll be a wreck by may!

    I totally understand your nerves, I know I will be exactly same. Baby gecko is going to be just fine though x x
  • I'm sure you'll get your BFP quickly in the new year and you'll be getting closely monitored. I don't know how I would have coped with out the extra scans. You're surrounded by support on here. The sense of loss never leaves you, although it is a little more bearable now I'm pregnant again. I really hope you don't have a long wait before you can graduate to Pregnancy After MC/ ECTOPIC.

    Wish I could give you a big hug!

  • We can have a virtual hug!(((((())))))))))

    I really am hoping it happens quickly and I will be insisting on a lot of scans and we'll be paying for later scans too for reassurance.

    I know nothing will replace Grace or Alexander but our little ones are going to be extra special and so so cherished. I'll be keeping my eye out for you on Monday and will be thinking of you and bubs x x
  • Thanks honey! And I'll be spying on you too x
  • Hi Mafia Princess,
    I think you were meant to have that dream and im sure your little baby boy is in good hands. I thought my baby was a boy but i had a dream last week that i got up to go to the loo and when i went back to bed there was a baby girl on my pillow. I picked her up and held her close and carried her through the house to show my daughter her and in my dream when i went back to bed again iwoke up looking in the bed for my baby. I found that my dream has helped me too. Im a very spiritual person and have seen a lot of things and do believe that our babies were taken because they were needed more in heaven. However it doesnt take all the pain away but at least we can look fwd and hope we will all get our happy endings. Take care x
  • Thank you senga, I really feel so
    much more content and calm since my dream. I feel like I can move forward x x x
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